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Renegade Server Rules


Cheating is definitely NOT allowed. If you are caught in any way cheating you will be banned. Don't come crying back that your brother/friend/dog/pet rock is the one who cheated and not you, we dont care. Our rule is: If your IP/name was caught cheating, your IP/name gets banned. Plain and simple.

Tiberian Technologies 4.0 Client

We support the use of the Tiberian Technologies 4.0 Client even though it is currently in BETA. We are not currently running the server side component of this update, but have plans to update the server once the update is released as stable. You can download the latest release of the beta at http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org. We ask that you keep your client up to date in preparation for the update to the server. We want to minimize the amount of players who cannot join because of a version incompatibility.

Allowed Characters/Vehicles

Extra characters and vehicles are disabled. You can try to access them, but it won't work. All other units are allowed, as we are an all out war server.


Swearing is allowed, but will be handled on a case to case basis by any active moderator at the time. No racist comments. Racist comments will result in a !kick, or in severe cases a ban.

Abuse/Being a pain

Any player seen being excessively rude and/or annoying to any player may find themselves muted or kicked from the server. This includes complaining pointlessly or about the way the server is run. Dont bitch for no reason. The game is meant to have fun and be enjoyed. You will be kicked if a moderator feels its necessary and if you continue to argue or complain you will be kicked again or banned. We want a pleasant, happy, and fun enviroment in the server. Flooding text in the gamechat will result in a mute and/or kick from the server. Dont do it. If you really feel the need to complain about the way the server is run, please use our forums instead of debating ingame.

Map Bugs

  • Field - No GDI Base-to-Basing. No tunnel beacons, ever.
  • Islands - shooting from the water is considered b2b. you MUST be on the island closest to the enemy. INFANTRY can shoot from ANYWHERE
  • Hourglass Nod Obelisk Glitching will not be tolerated. Hitting buildings from the side out of view of base defences is allowed.
  • Mesa - No Base-to-Basing (Yes, it's possible) and no wall jumping with any vehicles from either side.
  • Walls_Flying - No vehicles are allowed onto the base walls, ever.
  • Canyon - No vehicles are allowed up on the middle hill where it's obviously a map glitch.
"Obelisk Walking" (Glitching the obelisk to survive a hit) is not allowed.

Buddy Jumping

Buddy jumping is allowed, for troops only, no vehicles, on the assumption that I could give you a leg-up over a wall in real life. The only case where this is not tolerated is where it is used to get onto places you are not supposed to be, I.E. The roof of the Refinery on non-flying maps. To clarify, you can buddy jump TO a place where you could normally get to by walking. For example over low walls or over the barbed wire in the barracks. You can not buddy jump to places that you couldn't possibly walk to on foot. Meaning if you can get there alone in any way, ALONE, then its allowed. If it's a spot that MUST require someone else, it is NOT allowed. (Buddy jumping must be done with a buddy on your team.

Point Whoring

Yep, we all hate it. But if you cannot get the teamwork or skill to kill "that darned MRLS hitting your Refinery", I'd say your cause is pretty much lost. It's allowed.

Beacon Spam / Fake beacons

If you beacon sound spam the bot will kick you, easy enough. If you plant a fake beacon (a beacon not around an enemy building) then the decision is up to the moderator on duty. Chances are if it's one nothing will happen, but if you do multiple or others are doing it as well, beacon mutes and/or kicks will be issued. Planting beacons when there is, for example, 20 seconds left in the game is definitely unneeded and annoying, Please don't do that.

Harvy Blocking

NOT allowed. Don't block your teams harvestor or you'll be kicked.

Shooting through the WF glass

Prohibited. Don't do it or you'll be kicked.

Idling/Going idle

Don't waste our precious server slots if you're not going to play. If you need to take a break please leave the server so someone else may join and play. Idles are kicked regularly by the moderators that are around. (Idling can also be if you are playing the game but not doing anything useful to help your team i.e. just running around your base)

Vehicles in Buildings

It is prohibited to drive a vehicle into a building. ANY building.

Mod Impersonation

Claiming you are a moderator, administrator or taking the name of an official moderator/administrator when you are not one is NOT allowed. Failure to comply will result in some form of punishment.


If its allowed by Renguard, its allowed in the server.

Team Hampering

Do not purposely block friendly player vehicles or friendly repairs. Also, do not PM the enemy team or say in all chat what your team is planning. Do not partner with an enemy player to get more kills. (It has been done before, and we have punished for it) Do not abuse the server's team remixing system to be on the same team as your friend every game.


Failure to follow these rules and/or to argue about them in game and cause a disturbance will result in you muted, kicked, or banned. If you need to argue or think your kick or ban was wrongly justified, then post on the forums and be respectful.