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  • Written By: Dukes234
  • Submitted: Dec 10, 2011 at 7:35 am
  • n00b's Name: g00gle sites
  • Game: Real Life
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this.... just pissed me off. anyway here we go :

i was just finishing up my website for school, it was on chat room dangers. but that don't matter foo :P, anyway, i had the idiocy to use Google sites to host this stupid website. but i'll get to that.
so i was in room 35B, the ICT suite. on the smaller computer (cause my douche bag teammate took the HDTV sized one D:) finishing up my website, when, B00M, the website says : account & website have been disabled, and the rest of that crappy error message, so i'm like, "wtf?" and try logging in with my home acc, as we were using school made ones, and i STILL couldn't access it. so my (very kind) teacher gave me the class average, because he didn't see my website but saw me developing it.

Google. get your fricking act together and stop banning random school kids who are doing a school ICT project -_-