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  • Written By: Noob
  • Submitted: May 15, 2010 at 6:19 am
  • n00b's Name: Lag
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 2
  • Score: 4.50
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I don't know if this is really a n00b but yes, lag is really not something good. It has costed me 1 noob recomendations and 2 arguements so far, not to mention the lost tanks, and characters.
I have experienced lag before but (I don't want to mean offence to n00bstories, n00bstories rock!) lately it seems the lag is taking over the sever. Today, is a day to be remembered though, as today I have gotten my first noob rec. and my highest arguement rate, 2.
You see first I was playing in Hourglass, we lost our powerplant, so we were camping, I was a gunner with extras (laser rifle, repair gun, ramjet) inside a medium tank, I just ran arround shooting stray shots hoping to find a SBH, but then I saw a sakura, less than 1 hp bar full, walking slowly by the left path (GDI base view) I shot her, and she died.
However, the sakura then started talking about how she (we will refer to the sakura, not actual player) can die when she was in tunnel walking back to base with 2 SBHs beside her.
I said I don't know, I have found her and shot, thats all, but she started talking and saying I am cheating, I said I never cheat (I have Renguard, and I really NEVER CHEATED on Renegade) , must be lag.
She said the change the f***ing lag and I typed !lagfix. She was quiet, for some time.
But later she turned into a SBH, I saw her again, lower than 1 bar hp, walking backwards at Weapons Factory yellow zone (the zone in front of the bay) I shot her, she died, and started complaining again.
She started saying how could I kill her half way accross map ( I dont know where she is, except I just killed a SBH 2 seconds earlier). I said I dont know, she just started complaining back and forth and assuming I am exploiting lag or cheating until a flamer rush started.
It came across top, I started shooting at the horde (they were really good, spread out) and one slipped behind me, I shot 3 shots at him but he is at full health, no scratch, and slipped to the back of Powerplant, then another flame tank caught me and started firing, I tried to turn around to engage him but too late, my med died and a SBH killed my gunner while I tried to shoot at the flame tank.
So I wasn't that happy about the lag, but it got worse on Islands.
It started alright, then the nod arty siege came, I returned fire but there were just too few of us to engage, as usual their SBH came an planted beacon at the back of the Wapons Factory, I was gunner (again) when my medium tank got destroyed while the beacon got planted and I dodged toward the bunker to the left cliff, engaging a light tank.
Luckily a hotwire came out and started to defuse the beacon, but too late, boom! Yes, Weapons Factory destroyed. What was worse, the hotwire noobed me saying I was blocking her when she was defusing, but I remember clearly I was moving steadily toward the bunker!
I said that it wasn't me but she just ignored me, I tried to explain (I want my recommendation back! I'm not the type that gets recommendations every day) but she just kept on saying that I blocked her.
Until the 3rd map (city, flying) I PMed her saying I really didnt but she just ignored me. I gave up, but I really think there is a problem with lag because if she (hotwire, not player) was so certain and I dont cheat or anything it was going to be lag.
Thanks for listening, feels good to take it off my mind.