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  • Written By: c0vert7
  • Submitted: May 14, 2010 at 7:47 pm
  • n00b's Name: NLsRene
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 3
  • Score: 8.33
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Aw its been awhile since I have actually made a story but I was bored and felt this was more than a good reason to post a story.

Well it all began in the "L337 Sniper Server" I came upon NLsRene getting raped by one of the mods in the server accusing them of hacking and than cussing them out every single time he died.

Well I come in and I am doing horrible just coming off another game and he kills me a few good hits and says some of his trash like "n00b" "you suck" ect. I respond with my typical "^^" and go on playing, I warm up about half a game later where I am killing him frequently and him calling me a cheater.

Next map comes by he is still calling every single player a cheater so he finally gets a 24 hour kick from the server. Story should end here? No way. The mod who was raping him wanted to let him back in for his own entertainment so they unbanned him. He came back and decided to run in straight lines shooting and than he goes with his "OMG n00bs cant hit me even if im in a straight line"

Well after everyone stopped giving him any attention at all he went around and sent a pm to every player like 9 times saying "cheater" and was warned by mods repeatedly to stop.

He stops and than goes on mindlessly running around getting raped he had like 19-61 K/D. He than abruptly starts bashing and trash talking again and is finally given a permanent 24 hour ban.

So after all those shananigans he decides to PM all the players from outside the game waiting for one to respond so he could spam them. Of course knowing me I love to do the "^^" to rile them up. He of course comes back with constant spamming of my PM about 100 lines worth.

In the end he apologizes for his behavior and doesn't speak again.

Very little actually happened in the story but non the less n00b worthy. - c0vert7

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