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  • Written By: Kidutsu
  • Submitted: Apr 12, 2010 at 7:15 pm
  • n00b's Name: Devil_Dog_70
  • Game: Call of Duty (all)
  • Votes: 3
  • Score: 5.67
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I was playing mw2 sunday on invasion. i had been sucking all week until saturday afternoon so my killsteaks were still care package, predator missile, and emergency airdrop. At the best of times I'm mediocre on invaasion, and this was one of those times. I called in five care packages and two predator missiles. Of the care packages one was a counter uav, two were chopper gunners, and two were emp's. I couldnt believe my luck and made joking comments about karma to my clan. I took full advantage of these and unwittingly killed one of my enemies nearly every time he walked off his spawn point. He spent the rest of the game launching explosives everywhere he could in hopes of hitting me. He was also killed in the game winning kill, though not by me. As soon as the match ended he began to spout volleys of insults at my team, though i was the focus. Commenting on my title he said "invincible? Ya, when youre shooting the fuck out of me with your chopper gunner." and left the match. i continued playing, thinking nothing of it when, during the next match, my top right corner is filled with messages insulting me and claiming that i cheated. If you cant get killed without sceaming "hack!", dont play. It's people like this who irritate anyone who can hear their pathetic excuses for why they are either too slow, or simply incompitent at a game to kill someone.