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  • Written By: xh3dx
  • Submitted: Mar 10, 2010 at 12:12 am
  • n00b's Name: xh3dx (myself)
  • Game: Real Life
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So i just have to put this out there...

Have you ever seen/been one of those people that removes the light bulb from behind the check engine light because it WILL NOT shut off?

I ask this question because i myself now ammount to this level of stupidity...

So last night i was getting on my computer, to play some games of other worldly adventures, when as soon as i got into game my computer starts beeping. The beeping was regular as i knew i had an underpowered PSU installed and the beeping was a regular thing when playing such a graphic intensive game. Last night though, now this is a whole other ball game...

So i get into game and start moving around when my computer starts to beep every once in a while. The beeping however got faster and faster, to the point it was just beepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeepbeep non stop. So i decide ok i'll just get out of game and restart the pc.

I got out of game and the beeping stopped, kinda. it beeped a couple more times before i restarted.

(This is where the stupidity level rises in my head...)

After i restarted the computer i decided i wasn't goin to deal with the beeps anymore so i decided to pull the speaker plug from the motherboard and continue on... this is where it all goes bad, i start to log into windows and BAM my screen flashes a bluescreen of death then goes black and my entire box shuts off.

Also at this time i was reinstalling my side panel and got a whif of what smelled like burnt PSU, i smelt this a few months back when my good 450W died and did the same stuff...

Now for the irony... I'm a student working on an AAS degree for Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology and a BS degree for Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology.... I study fucking electronics and pulled a dumbass move like this.

The moral of my story, if something is trying to alert you to a problem, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM not just an annoyance... don't remove the bulb, or pull the wire.... or what ever it is.