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  • Written By: Crimson
  • Submitted: Nov 13, 2009 at 6:59 am
  • n00b's Name: skyyyyy
  • Game: Heroes of Newerth
  • Votes: 5
  • Score: 9.20
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OK, so I joined a "Single Draft" game which means you get one random hero from each of the 3 base classes (strength, intelligence, agility) to choose from. You have the option of trading with one of your teammates.

So, I get Valkyrie as one of my choices and for some reason like 2 or 3 of my 4 teammates want to play her. One of them, named "skyyyyy", has both Moon Queen and Blacksmith who I am comfortable with, and I am not particularly fond of my own selections. So, I tell "skyyyyy" that I will take either of those two, but preferably Blacksmith because he gains a lot of HP as he levels up, plus he has a pretty powerful stun ability and a decent teammate boosting ability, so he's usually a good well-rounded hero to play.

So, time is running out so I grab Valkyrie and start clicking rapidly on skyyyyy's picture which is how I confirm the trade that he's going to request after picking his hero.


Now, Behemoth is not the most-played hero. (He ranked 28 out of 57 for most-used) I never notice him having a high kill count and I haven't played against him enough to know good tactics with him. Plus, I've never played him myself. Normally, on a team you want a "tank" which is (as it sounds), a guy with high HP/armor who can absorb a lot of damage while your high damage/ability guys can take care of the killing.

So, now I'm stuck with this hero I've never played before and I immediately tell skyyyyy that I don't understand why he didn't pick the hero I asked for. I also tell my teammates that I've never played this one before so expect me to suck miserably.

Does that stop them from berating me? Hell no!

They spend most of the map trying to get me kicked. Fortunately, it requires unanimous consent from all players on both teams at the moment to do that, so I didn't get kicked. Unfortunately, when you're kicked you get flagged as a "leaver" to prevent griefers from ragequitting when they lose. If your "leaver" stats get too high, you can be prevented from joining games with the "no leavers" flag on.

So, not only does skyyyyy stick me with a character I didn't ask for, but I get stuck in a lane with him for the first phase of the game and since he is a retarded n00b, he and I both die rather unceremoniously a good 3 or 4 times each.

So, his hero, Valkyrie, has this ability where she chucks an arrow and the first creature it hits is stunned (and damaged, I think). For those of you who haven't played HoN or DOTA, there are NPC creatures called "creeps" that go on a particular lane and fight each other during the course of the map. They are relatively weak, especially in the early game. Wasting precious mana on them is generally a dumb idea.

Every time skyyyyy throws an arrow towards an enemy hero, he hits a creep instead!

So, when he tells me to "l2p" (learn to play), I tell him to "learn 2 stun" and stop hitting creeps.

In the end, I end up hanging out in base and not venturing far out to avoid repeated deaths. They want to kick me when I go out because I end up dying, and they want to kick me when I stay at base. Fortunately, none of their votes pass. Also fortunate is that the other 3 non-n00b teammates end up carrying the team and our opponents ended up conceding the match so I got a win anyway.

Ownt. :P