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  • Written By: NukedU
  • Submitted: Oct 2, 2009 at 12:01 am
  • n00b's Name: M45T3R
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 4
  • Score: 4.75
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Well, Nuke-Gaming kindly placed an advertisement for 1337-Snipers on our website, And we sent M45T3R the following email:

> Hi guys,
> Check out our following advert for you:
> http://www.nuke-gaming.com
> Hopefully you like it, we expect a link back.
> Please let us know when it's done.
> With kindest regard,
> Nuke-Gaming.com

And he viciously replied with the admin@1337-snipers.com email saying:

WAIT U aka spin-off from www.duke-gaming died once .... please die in peace
LIMEEWAX(ENDY), Toiletbrush(pruttel) + mr.Im a bad ass NukedU... think I canrt do
what U do NukedU, leys call it a Funwar..

Im guessing Endy .. still got my email addy, NukedU Word of warning...I win in all


Then, Later DJ_Endymion was speaking to him on MSN, Saying that we took the advertisement down and we were fucking angry. (Sadly, I don't have the log of that conversation)

Then, Later the same day I was talking to M45T3R on MSN Via my cell phone. Here is the conversation log:

NukedU: xD, Drunk emailing, Huh?
M45T3R: jaja
M45T3R: im loving it
M45T3R: .
NukedU: :P
NukedU: Mr bad ass NukedU, huh? Lol
M45T3R: cock ;-)
NukedU: xP
M45T3R: Win 7
M45T3R: ;-)
NukedU: Well, Just for that drunk emailing you got your ad removed, A lot of people in our community are gonna stop playing 1337, and I know of a few mods that work in your
NukedU: Server who are pretty pissed about that email
M45T3R: Cool
NukedU: Ah, And I also heard you quit 1337
M45T3R: I did?
NukedU: xD, I guess you shouldn't drink as much :P
NukedU: You told Critch that you've quit 1337.

Then after that he deletes me from his contacts. This was a n00bish decision for a server owner, If you ask me.

Anyway, Just though you guys should know about this guy. Ah, And also, He thinks Toiletbrush is Pruttelput? Lol.

~ NukedU