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  • Written By: Foley
  • Submitted: Aug 13, 2009 at 3:36 pm
  • n00b's Name: All of SACK clan
  • Game: Call of Duty (all)
  • Votes: 7
  • Score: 1.29
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I was having fun on one of their Base Assault servers, but then I noticed that one of them seemed to be hacking, so I made my suspicion known.

Then they bombarded me with a bunch of crap, calling me gay, stupid, immature, and more loads of crap.

Frankly, I think I know 10x more than they do.

Then they started acting as if I said a whole bunch of crap, and they even gave me a warning! 'Stop the bs, one more and you'll be kik.'

So I tried telling them to stop lying and they banned me.

Also, if there is a SACK member reading this, don't deny it. You know this is the truth, lying to yourself is even more stupid than sticking you hand through an electric fence while standing in water.