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  • Written By: luv2pb
  • Submitted: Jun 12, 2007 at 4:35 pm
  • n00b's Name: socerdevil25
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 44
  • Score: 9.36
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I recieved this email recently via our contact@n00bstories.com email address. This person seems to not really understand the concept of what n00bdollars are for and how they work. I actually felt a little bad that I couldn't provide this service being how polite and energetic the email is.

Hello Crimson,
I have been with n00bstories for quite some time now, and I've racked up a whopping
381 N$. This may seem like a huge amount, but fear not, I've earned every one of
them. Anyway, I'm writing because I'd like to cash in my n00b dollars. I bealive
the current exchange rate is $1 US every 100 N$. If you could send it to PO Box
299, Gray, Me, 04039 it would be much appreciated. And if it's not too much
trouble, I'd like it sent in the form of pennies. You can deduct the shipping
charges from my $3.81. Thanks for your time.


We love you to socerdevil25!