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  • Written By: Pr0SEAL
  • Submitted: Jan 21, 2007 at 10:19 pm
  • n00b's Name: Kozar continued. Add a few more.
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 18
  • Score: 5.00
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Apparently I was told after my nice long response that Crimson was sick of seeing her brother reported. LOCKED. Sorry, but I don't care what she thinks. In fact she can go blow me for all I care. I am not letting that half ass responses fly and let go. So here is my response to all the comments on the last story. This isn't a story you can vote one if you like, but I am not letting it go. You know what burns my buns, locking stories when a faggit gets the last say. Its very very (w.e. Crimson's last name is) like.

Btw this WAS my original response and FireYugo don't forget to vote this story a one OK. Don't disappoint me you fucking prick. Oh and Crimson nice that you voted it a 1, yet you did'nt bother with Spoony. You know once a slut always a slut. How are those cell phones?

^ We both know thats false. You are about as good as the next n00b.

Lets see where to start.

*Fuck you FireYugo. One who never votes on any n00bstories BUT MINE.*

"It's not your money paying for any of this, so show them the respect they deserve."

That is a suck up statement. It is not about THEY or their money, it is about Spoony getting slantered over their respect? Kozar doesn't put his money into this, his sister does; which I can say she is a bitch. You don't earn respect by ruining this fucking game. Hey wait off topic? Oh wait you started that, stupid n00b. Now you said you were juiced before? Well you got owned either way, buddy. Oh btw making a n00bstory on pure insults is not showing respect. The subject was Spoony in his "story", not Kozar, yet you said he deserves respect for being a total dick. Fuck you and your respect.

Start my own server? Sorry I don't care about that, irrelavent.

You voted Kozar's story a 10, because you found it amusing. And not this one? Sit.

"Ok, I lied I was going to walk away from this bullshit fucking arguement but you had to further insult me."

Welcome back retard.

"Look you little cock stain I dont go out of my way too disrespect anyone unless they disrespect me first."

Hypocrite much? Here we go.......

"Ok i'll probably get an arguement for this one but here goes, You cant expect kozar to set idley by while some fucking degenerate berates his sister. This is the woman that started this community pays for it out of her own pocket he he has the testicular fortitiude to come on her site and talk down to her....HE SHOULD BE BANNED as he was."

William King

You insulted Spoony first right off the bat. He didn't betray Crimson retard. She betrayed him. Another dumb fuck who can't see the truth in any situation. Stupid fuck.

Now back to your current shit....

"I am tired of little retards like you comming into good "establishment" like this and berate the "patrons" at your own free will and then expect someone to clap you on the back and say its ok."

Like I said, you are a stupid fuck. You aren't clear, but I'll translate. You are a pissy little twit who hates being proved wrong, under a shitty establishment that you suck up to. You are pissed off being proved wrong. Then you question if I get any rewards out of it. Didn't know you cared tbh. Really you are just crying, there there little William.

"We're not in fucking highschool, learn to deal with things as they come."

No shit, it is the internet. Now we go into the age thing? Been settled. Last part is cute, I see Kozar took it pretty well.

"Go the fuck away your breathing precious air that someone with intelligence needs."

Sorry, but I am intelligent. Try again, fruit loop.

"By the way i'm not drunk and I plan on saying whats on my mind..."

Why not, I did.

"Whats your deal did "mommy" spank you too hard, not enough attention from "daddy"?"

Now we are going back to highschool or middle school? So what your mind is on is dirty thoughts? I'm confused, are you trying to prove me wrong or are you trying to show everyone here that you are indeed a dumbass. Nice tactic.

"Whatever it is see a fucking shrink dont cause other people greif because you cant get over your own shortcommings."

Seems you screwed up your ending. Go back to English class or at least (like me) make sense. It is not my shortcommings, proving you wrong is your shortcommings. Come back when you have some balls and a dictionary. Maybe things will turn out better and it will take me a few more sentences to own your ass again, or just stfu.

Next please

@nikki. It started in the forums and some corruption took place. The brother of the owner to this site is the n00b of this story. You see him prancing around a few stories proving himself to be a retard. Crimson is way smarter than that, I'm sorry. I just can't say that with a straight face....

So... xD Kozar, who is the n00b, made a n00bstory which was really forum worthly although pure flames. He made this story and expected support. Suprisingly he got support from suck ups, some who found it in humor, and those who were as good as he was. The story was locked, but he unlocked it to put his last say. So my story is an overall of him, and his story.

See I broke a rule of posting one story about another, yet I only broke it because he was allowed with his garbage. It was a way to get back at him. Normally it should of been deleted, if that was the case. I would of never put this story in. Before you vote, if you vote. Know this, regardless of who he is related to. Know the meaning of a n00b and tell me this fits it, because the lad could word for word the defintion in action without thinking. If you don't want to get in the middle, which some have done. Don't comment, and vote. Or if you really want to be neutral, don't do anything. Hope that cleared it up for you.