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  • Written By: Pr0SEAL
  • Submitted: Jan 20, 2007 at 1:07 pm
  • n00b's Name: Kozar
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 22
  • Score: 5.14
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Yes I wrote a n00bstory about another n00bstory, more like the site not just the story. You see he hops in and out of other stories and seems to have some power.

I never really knew Crimson had a brother, but we all get a warm welcome on that note. The incident with Xtremempro, I don't need to explain the story but its the start of it all. He blames him for cheating and he gets kicked/banned without a test. Xtremepro makes the story on it, and naturally Kozar shines his intelligence.

Moving along, he simply makes a n00bstory for the sole purpose of insulting Spoony. Over a manner Crimson didn't want on her forums. Oh she is willing to have it on Spoony's forums, just not hers. Ok, but Kozar does something stupid and wants to post a threat message. A stupid one, and magically out of all the n00bstories posted this one STAYS. There have been stories like this against the site itself over pure insults and have been deleted. Hell there have been stories posted against the site itself WITH reasonable clams and NO insults and have been deleted. So why does this one stay and the others get deleted? Obvious answer. Crimson hates Spoony. Period. Spoony is annoyed of Crimson. Period.

The site broke its own rule about posting n00bstories by allowing Kozar's message to stay, so I break the rule about posting one n00bstory about another.

Out of the "message" Kozar made, here are the votes.

Votes for this file
Username Vote
jacko da c 1
$c0p3 1
Ralphzehunter 1
MexPirate 1
agent_CDE 1
kevrulezz 1
trapmaka 1
7384-9809 1
a1zahara 1
HerrKealf 1
warranto 1
Baturin 1
Espion 10
Xim 1
Jimbo27 2
Poison 1
war20911 10
fl00d3d 1
Ren-Sniper 1
Blazer 10
ripdgreen 10
budster9 1
KisMyAsss 3
XtremePro 1
Cyborg571 10
tasKbot1 1
LT-DeadlyGus509 1
ClearHaze 1
DispleasingSleeper 1
DunkinDonutsPwn 5

Seems with the number of 10 votes you find along the lines of "I found it funny" or I'm sucking up. I wouldn't rate that "story" as far as ok even. It blowed.

Ok so after all the stupid messages and Crimson fed up with anyone talking about it, she locks it. And Spoony never got one word in edge wise directly from himself, no he had to have others put it in for him; for he is banned and everyone knew that.

So its locked, and magically its unlocked because Kozar didn't get his last say. He types his bullshit garbage in and THEN LOCKS it.

Similar type of guys in Lithius story. "I make stupid reasons to undermine you, which may have no direct relation to you. Insult you for obvious reasons because I can, and expect you to never say anything back. Do my victory dance because it feels good and lock the thread when I am bored of it.Oh and you were banned before I said anything, that way I don't have to spend my time proving you were right and I was totally wrong, just trying to cause a flame." That kind of analogy.
Server Mod

[Voted: 0] Posted: Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 04:13am
Oh no! LOCKED!!! Crap!

I just wanted to prove a few points but I have a better idea, lets start a post about how I love pancakes and see how long it takes before Pr0seal starts calling warranto a "power hungry cave-man lawyer." Then we'll count the number of posts until ACK is brought up. Then we'll see how long it takes before someone calls Crimson fat, and me a 20+ year old masturbating power hungry loser.

By the way "guilty until proven innocent" HELL YEAH! I was just accused of being a softie today cause I haven't dropped the "ban hammer" in a while, I told him that it was becuase people are starting to learn. GTA is down 35% in the past 3 months since my return to the server. (Figures may not be accurate).

Oh yeah, Pr0seal, I'm sure you could "bench me like a bitch" whatever that means exactly, BUT I don't lift anymore, I'm more of the drinking type. And I could out Beirut you any hour of any day. WHAPOW!!! (*Kozar smacks Pr0Seal's digital ass*)"
Rather cheeky fellow if I say so.

In conclusion, if people like that can post non-sense about someone just because they hate them, and gets backed by the site itself. Then I can post a n00bstory about all his idiocy in the site and not have to face the fact about that old rule. Sense they made an exception. I made an exception, so now its time for all of you to make an exception to this flaw and vote what he earns. A smacking to his digital "a 20+ year old masturbating power hungry loser's" ass.