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  • Written By: Dr Lithius
  • Submitted: Jan 19, 2007 at 7:49 pm
  • n00b's Name: [FL]ThePowerCosmic
  • Game: Counter-strike and CS:S
  • Votes: 32
  • Score: 9.75
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NOTICE: The actual game is "Half-Life: Day of Defeat". "Counter-Strike" was just the closest thing on the list without going to an entirely different game, such as "Battlefield 1942" or "Call of Duty".

N00b Name: [FL]ThePowerCosmic
Short "Why?": He banned me(and destroyed my Day of Defeat settings) over the discussion of the term "n00b". He also proceeded to mock me after I made a polite "ban report" on his forum.

Original Forum Post:
Short Summary: The head admin([FJ]ThePowerCosmic) banned me and corrupted my Day of Defeat settings for breaking rules #3, #4, and rule #10, sub-rules #5 and (probably)#10.
Long Summary: The head admin([FJ]ThePowerCosmic) banned me from the server for being disagreeable and calling him a retard over a matter of one word, "n00b"(or "nub" as he puts it). The head admin also, somehow, destroyed my personal settings for Day of Defeat, rendering the installation useless.

Complete Story: I was recently banned from this Day of Defeat server, "*******fragjunkys.com[WEST COAST[1000.FPS]100MB uplink*******" for...apparently...being belligerent with the head of the server, [FJ]ThePowerCosmic, over the use of the term "nub". I'd mentioned to his that "It's one thing to type "nub" out in chat, but it's a whole nother thing to actually say it in voice chat." I then proceeded to tell him that it was "n00b". We argued this point for a moment and finally Cosmic said "It all means the same thing. "Nub," "n00b," "newb"(N-E-W-B)! It's all relative!" So I told him he was "relatively retarded," followed by an "I'm kidding" a moment later. About ten seconds later, he tells me "You're really not gonna like me." Next thing I know, I can't move properly!! My mouse is doing all sorts of weird stuff like sending my view into the sky or ground, my sound is 100% loud static, I've got an FPS meter and some kind of bandwidth meter up on my screen, and I don't even know what happened!
Then Day of Defeat crashed. I tried getting back in after I mentally recovered from that experience(I'm always afraid something like that's gonna happen when I play a game or something thanks to a number of bad computer experiences, so I thought that's what happened) and I can hear my sound settings are still completely blitzed. My sound settings are at max(past max, actually)...my mouse sensitivity setting is somewhere around 999999.99...other settings were presumably beyond max... I don't know how the Hell he did it, but he had physically corrupted my local Day of Defeat settings, thus rendering the installation entirely unplayable from that point on! ...I was pissed. But upon logging back into the server, I found that I was actually banned as well.

That's pretty much it. I guess my only question here is "Was it really necessary to corrupt my settings as well?"
He also changed my name to "Ass" as he was corrupting my game settings. Isn't the remote changing of settings, like, illegal? >_>

In addition to all of this, a post which I do NOT think was in any way "out of line" or "crying," the head admin over there posted the following reply:
Nubs on your server = a headache
Nubs talking about shit they dont know about = a nuisance
Nubs trying to teach you etiquettte = a fricking joke

Nubs registering and posting on your site to cry like little girls about there STEAM account = PRICELESS.

go away NOOB,Nub,Nubb,Newb,Nuub.
that should pretty much cover the nub thing you lame moron.

it's amazing you can even look yourself in the mirror without attempting suicide over how stupid you are.

thread closed & account revoked. have a nice day asshat.
Pretty big talk for a dude behind the other side of a monitor, if you ask me...

Anyway, as I said in the forum post, "That's about it." I'm gonna go play Natural Selection now. Maybe I'll find another power-mad admin to write a story about... Ya never know.

And no, there's no screenshots because this all happened over voice-chat.(With the exception of the forum thread listed above.)