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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Jan 18, 2007 at 2:59 pm
  • n00b's Name: Camdorak's return
  • Game: World of Warcraft
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  • Score: 9.50
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I hope you didn't think it was resolved and over. Not a chance. Idiots like Camdorak never seem to leave you for good, unfortunately. His first return was in Gnomeregan, where Camdorak's 'antics' lead me to be stranded in the middle of Dun Morogh with a still-down hearthstone. I was using the LFG UI because asking for a group in any general chat for Gnomer is heavily fruitless. So I finally found one and teleported there from Booty Bay (A teleporter semi-obtained with a quest) and hoped that Camdorak got at least slightly smarter.

We're all mostly silent through the instance, but arguments and accusations break out when I beat Camdorak on a green item (leather boots I could have really used and he had better of anyway) need roll and he accused me of ninja looting. I reply that he has better boots anyway, and he was the one trying to ninja. He keeps saying I was ninjaing and then, when the other group members take my side, spams the /roll random roll thing for some reason. After we finally got the kid to shut up we kept moving through the instance 'till we reached the crazy dark iron dwarves (seeing as they have dark grey to solid black skin and red eyes I just call them 'stoned or cracked/drugged-up dwarves, they look the part too) who lay the mines and are fairly difficult. Guess who screams 'OMG ALLIANCE' and runs THROUGH them, instead of away which would have made at least some sense? Camdorak.

Fortunately for us, he is the only one to die and marches back, crying and whining all the way, saying we hacked since they didn't attack us and we should have helped him and they might have got some honor points. We all just lol'd through his tears. Then he does it again, wondering why the "alliance" are just standing there and not attacking, then calling THEM hackers for becoming elite. Then he runs there and thinks he's clever by running back to us and saying 'lol now fite and get me tose honer poents' So, finding it useless anyway, I vanish. Everyone else tries to fight what they can since they hadn't any way of escape, so I couldn't blame them, and Camdorak spams /laugh and /dance along with /chicken to everyone. So we wipe, and then I get the wrong end of an alarm bot patrol and get 50 million elite mobs spawning on me, tearing me apart.

The group, fed up, all rez at the graveyard and hearth, excluding Camdorak and I. I'm really pissed at this point, since this guy cost me armor durability and got me stuck in the middle of alliance territory (The players are usually not high level, but the mobs CAN be.) So Camdorak says, trying to be "lighthearted and funny despite the two of us, left the group, are stuck in the middle of MidgetLand" says 'lol i gess wer stuck togeter' and I simply say nothing, and walk off to discover some stuff, since I may as well not have the excursion go to waste. I turn around and here dwarves being aggroed. Guess what happened? Camdorak followed me and started pulling guards! I think 'to hell with his little buddy comedy attempt.' and sprint. He sends me tells saying I should have helped him and I would have gotten 10000000000000000000000 honor. Apparently he never got the memo guards give no honor.

So this guy keeps following me like a lost, not to mention retarded, puppy and my hearthstone finally goes up. I hit it and he asks 'hey hw r u castng a spel if ur a roge? r u hacing? im rprtng u nuub lol pwnd' yeah. So I end up in the Undercity and I assumed dumbass is probably still in Dun Morogh (probably doesn't know what his hearthstone does and destroyed it a while ago, if you can do that, I've never attempted.)

It didn't end there. Guess who I bump into in Thousand Needles canyon right at the elevator? Camdorak. He says 'hi hacer ur nt band n e mor? lol' I'm already exasperated with this guy and respond 'I was never banned. I never hacked.' And he spams /laugh over and over then says 'lol ya u wer u cant cast spels lol i sa u lololol' and I say 'You clearly have no idea what that little white thing in your inventory called a Hearthstone is, do you?'' and he spams /laugh again. I decide to question his intelligence, I say 'Hey, you know how if you jump off really high places you die? Know whats really amazing? You can jump off here and not die! Try it!' So he says 'rly? kool' and jumps. I'm laughing it up here for the few seconds it takes for him to hit the ground. He spams a tell which consists of 'noob' about three times per tell.

I ignore it and go on my way, reporting him considering it filled up my chat box several times despite the conversations in general chat. I haven't seen him for a while since. Once again, screenshots are lacking because this was mostly in the heat of battle when his idiocy was clearly displayed. At other times I was just too pissed to bother.

He's gonna burn in hell.