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  • Written By: Wolf3332
  • Submitted: Jan 17, 2007 at 3:30 pm
  • n00b's Name: Poor Weather Conditions
  • Game: Real Life
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N00b: Our Superintendent, The City, And The Weather.
When: Tuesday, January 16 2007

Yesterday, I woke up at my usual time of 6:30 to get ready for school. I opened my blinds and noticed that it had snowed. First thing I thought was "Hey sweet! Maybe they'll cancel school and I can sleep in!" I go downstairs to drink my cup of coffee while my dad checks online to see if school got canceled. Well, it wasn't, but every other school district save one other was closed. Lucky us. I take a shower, get dressed, get my backpack and go out the door, and walked up and down the five hills on my way to the bus stop. On my way, I noticed two other guys in my neighborhood's tracks, so I knew who was already ahead of me. Once I got there, I had a little chat with them, followed by fifteen minutes of waiting there for the bus while the snow kept falling down. The bus never came, so we just went back home. I got back at my house and still on the news there were reports of our school district still being open. Now, every other school district was closed except ours. Lucky us. I made a few calls to people I knew. One was on the bus on his way to school, one was already at school and told me not to come, one was still at his house and experienced the same thing as I did, and one girl who also rode our bus wouldn't pick up the phone. I figured I wasn't going to school that day anyway, seeing as my mom forbid my dad to drive (she's scared to death about driving in the snow) and I had missed the bus already, if it would have ever come.

I logged on to Xfire and noticed 4 of my friends were still at home, I sat and talked to them for about half an hour before I heard on the news that our school district had finally closed. I called both my friends who were at school and they could not get a ride home. They had to walk thirty to fourty five minutes in the cold just to get home, and so did many other people who did manage to get a bus ride. Today, just about all schools in the city are closed, the snow still hasn't melted at all (theres like 3-4 inches, 10 or so cm) most people are basically snowed in, and I will have had a five day weekend. Yay.

This city really needs to learn how to handle the snow better somehow, the schools get canceled at least once a year due to snow, and it's always such a catastrophe. Apparently a lot of people crashed their car into other cars, and apparently one of the school buses almost crashed too. Snow chains anyone?