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  • Written By: [NE]Fobby[GEN]
  • Submitted: Jan 13, 2007 at 6:55 pm
  • n00b's Name: OOU~C4-Smoke~Master
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 37
  • Score: 8.84
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Just to clear it up firstly, this guy was someone a clanmate of mine ran into, not me. However, he sent me the logs so I decided to write up the story.

It all happened over at the [GD] Renstation servers - which, by the way, it a good server that is mostly moderated properly. 2 thumbs up for Renstation. My clanmate [NE]assasin[HS] was playing on hourglass, when he urged to end the map because "his team was full of n00bs". Below is a poll he tried to start, where some people in the server decided to laugh at.

[15:26:54] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: !poll next map everyone on GDI is a noob except I who had just joined
[15:27:08] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: lol n00b using poll
[15:27:12] Toastt: l0l
[15:27:15] davidlloydgeorge: gird your loins like a man, smoke~master

Later in the game, [NE]assasin[HS] was driving a mobile artillery and happened to kill a basic infantry running around. That basic infantry, who for some reason decided to shoot at tanks, was C4 Smoke. The blow logs show that he wasnt very happy at all.

[15:28:58] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: ñl0l
[15:29:21] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: fuccccccker
[15:29:41] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: yea there are a few little gay noob kids on NOD too

In the Renstation server you're not allowed to swear... so he was breaking the rules by using words like "fucker" and directing offense against Assasin and Nod.

When the game ended, [NE]assasin[HS] recieved both the most points and most kills recommendations. Concquently, C4Smoke decided to call him a noob.

[15:31:08] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: awesinme
[15:31:20] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: yea youra noob a noob

And then he called him a cheater... I'd like to remind you guys that Assasin plays Renegade daily and has been playing since the demo. The clan and the Renstation community played with him for months and months. He doesn't cheat, even I can outsnipe him =P

He also continues with the whole "You are a n00b" scene, just because C4Smoke was owned by an artillery. While he rants, others in the server also respond as displayed below.

[15:31:45] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: is this the only server you allowed to play in assasin with your cheats
[15:31:49] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: looks like it noob
[15:31:50] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: LOL
[15:32:16] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: your the biggest known noob of all renegade
[15:32:19] Host: pwnUn00bs1 has 71590 points and is ranked at position 32 out of 1226 players.
[15:32:21] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: LOOOL!
[15:32:22] Toastt: and u arent?
[15:32:29] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: you should try to play game with out your little noob cheats and hax
[15:32:30] Host: (admiralscotchtape): you got it, hax0r
[15:32:38] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: RGH is for noobs like you

Assasin jokes about having "hax" and C4 believes him.

[15:32:41] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: my cheats and haxs pwn u
[15:32:52] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: but the only way you can get better at this game is to not use them
[15:32:57] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: ^^
[15:33:26] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: yea just sit there and cry we all know you can't play with out assitance

As we know, Assasin wasn't "crying" or ranting... he was laughing as shown in these logs. If anything, it's C4Smoke crying about losing in this game. Below, Ass is called a "handicap boy vagina", and Assassin continues to joke him C4Smoke

[15:33:42] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: assasin your justa handycap boy vagina
[15:33:44] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: lmao
[15:33:49] [GD]Bashar: the biggest trash talking and worst player in ren C4smoke lol...
[15:33:55] <<-[NE]assasin[HS]->>: i love vaginas
[15:33:58] Host: boyzIImen is loading the map to join the game!

Since GD Bashar decided to recognize C4Smoke's stupidity as seen above, C4Smoke directs his n00b comments to that clan as a whole.

[15:34:13] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: yea I agree all GD are suxxxy asss players
[15:34:16] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: all noobs

Bashar wants him to prove it.

[15:34:22] [GD]Bashar: master wanna have a little match?

But C4Smoke decides not to respond.


I lied. He threw some more comments about GD being n00bs.

[15:34:41] [GD]Bashar: OOU vs. GD?
[15:34:44] [Team] gravis100: !bl
[15:34:44] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: GD basher we all know your a noob your rank is nothing compared to mine
[15:35:09] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: your just noobs to us
[15:35:11] [GD]Bashar: OOU dont exist except for you
[15:35:20] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: learn to play the game with out handy caps noob
[15:35:28] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: and maybe you might become a better player
[15:35:44] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master: untill then you will always be known as little noobs who sux at renegade
[15:35:56] [GD]Bashar: !qkick Master heard enough

And finally... the n00b is kicked from the server after he talked and talked and talked.

[15:35:56] Host: [BR] OOU~C4-Smoke~Master is being q-kicked (kick and auto-allow) by [GD]Bashar for: heard enough

OOU~C4-Smoke~Maser is a n00b because he argues with people who own him, he breaks server rules, and he dodges games "Because GD is n00bish". His rants have nothing except for terms like "noob" and "vagina" in them, and he argues about the stupidest thing. His clan doesnt exist anymore but he's convinced its still alive.