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  • Written By: FMHavoc
  • Submitted: Jan 10, 2007 at 1:32 pm
  • n00b's Name: Hunters Part 2
  • Game: Real Life
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Well, this is just the second installment of the n00b guild Hunters in Lineage 2 Server, Dark Lotus Guild.

Allright, this time, our target of n00bishness is a "female" of the clan named "Orkesh." Right away I was suspect of this...it (Frankly, I have no clue what IT is, so it will be referred to as "IT") Anyway, sometime after my clanwar, if you read my first story on them, I recieved an email from "Charlie Roe" (Wtf? Females named charlie? And streetcars named desire too, pft) detailed about how IT wanted to remain in a friendly status between clans. Of course, I obliged being an acceptable person I am, and we proceed to talk for a bit in game and via MSN.

Well, it wasn't too long after that IT reports that various "clans" and IT's own clan was attacking IT as well, apparently "Shadow" clan was PKing her. Now right here is where I become suspecious, first off, Lineage 2 is a HUGE, repeat, HUGE world, I mean, think of C&C Field *200, that's is what you get plus the fact IT is a level 77 Spellhowler, an attack type of wizard who uses magicy stuff (I hate em, give me a sword and shield). So apparently, after suffereing bruises and such, IT killed em and they follow IT back to town..I am not ingame at the moment, but my friend Itachi is, so using the wonderful device of X-Fire, I pm him and ask him of any new clans/characters, he reports none (This is a small server, by the way) and this also compounds the suspicion.

So I then talk a bit, then the topic of clans come up, apparently, ITs clan: hunters, treats IT like crap, kicking IT out of Raidbosses, making fun of IT, most of the childish crap that pathetic adolescent's do when they aren't burning ants with a magnifying glass. So I then offer an invitation into The Brotherhood, and that gets skirted by. Again, wtf, you don't sit and ask for punishment, unless your a masochist, and if you are...you need serious help.

So time goes by for a while, the standard bullshit fed to me, hunters hating me, more and more. Then, I offer IT to make a new character and test our clan out, IT agrees and suddenly that night when IT is on IT's alternate character, hunters openly attacks it. I then check the online list, and see only two on...and they are right next to me in the Giran Warehouse...


I then tell IT," Lmao no, they are right here, nice try." It then proceeds to log on to it's main never to PM me yet.

Sorry for the no ss, but at the current moment, I have a large project underway which will show many screens of the n00b guild hunters, you can check for it on Youtube sometime soon, it will be great. :D