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  • Written By: c0vert7
  • Submitted: Jan 3, 2007 at 5:38 pm
  • n00b's Name: Trooprm02
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 48
  • Score: 9.29
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Ok so lets see where to start, ah yes. So I was playing in n00bstories server 2 right as I joined trooprm02 says this to me in a page "Hey, mem me" I say
yes as he was in a mod game I made a few years back. So I kept playing and he was a tad bit cocky at the start but than things came to a new level. It was
the map C&C_Island and him and a guy named ism0kerox were fighting and I told them to "stfu and play" They fought until the map ended and than the map C&C_Canyon was next, so I was Nod and trooprm02 was GDI, and apc rushed in dropping him off.

I was in the hand at the time and was watching him through the window, he ran towards the hand so I jumped through the window with my engie and shot at him. He retreated to the airstrip where he fell down that hole that leads to the harvester tunnel. I chased after and he was on one side of a wall in the tunnel and I through my c4 and right as I denoted he has his thrown but he didnt have time to detonate. Mine killed him and I said "ownt" as thats all he would say so I get the old "wtf" response. Along with no way, 1v1? I just ignore him like all the other 1v1 wannnabes lovers that think 1v1 prooves all. Now I pretty much ignore him as our whole base died cause no one was repairing. So now its the map C&C_City_flying, I say "stfu and be on there best behavior as crimson will be here soon to fix the bot and will be moderating."

I said this as an attempt to get them to stfu as I knew Crimson was going to fix the bot cause she was the only one with access to it and jason couldnt get it up without access. I just didn't know win. So trooprm02 says, "c0v arnt you like 12" Than the whole age arguement comes into place as he thinks hes cool. So I told him I wasnt 12 and I was 15, he than starts to laugh, and not 1 game before he was saying stuff like, "what are you 30 and your playing online games" so I ask him wat his age is as he pretends not to be 12 and pretends that age 30 is too old to play on the internet. So I ask him as he has to be inbetween them. He doesnt answer and ignores the question. So I say, "troopm ur cocky and your stupid, and your gonna get yourself banned" (that was leaning more to the fact his and ism0kerox conversation was heading towards racism) so he comes back with his "1v1" message.

So out of annoyance I say, "ok I will 1v1 you if u want ur 1v1" He agrees and goes off and host, he pages me and tells me to join, the map is field I am nod he is gdi there is 16 minutes on the clock with 100 starting credits. I rush to the field and pointwhore the harvester while he is shooting me so I can get points
he kills me after I engaged combat once I was at half health and I had like 30 points. I shoot him down to 1/4 health. He says his phrase "ownt" I spawn in hand and run out and kill him and than I say to him "ownt?" so he starts his e-laughing *(rofl,lmao, lol)* So now he has an mrl shooting hand and I get a buggy and literally owned his mrl as he didnt even do 1 hp damage to it. So I hide in the field behind a small hill with it he comes out with a med and see me and starts saying rules, "No harvy walking, vehicle expliots" ect. and he tries to kill me I went past him and followed the harvy into gdi base with the buggy, but I only went behind it, to attempt a rush and after the harvy got out of my way I went in and agt killed me anyway.

He said it was harvy walking when it wasn't but continues. While he is shooting the hand with his med I literally owned his med again with a laser chain gun. So I go and buy an sbh and nuke and go into the tunnels and peiere into his base in 3rd person view. I see his med leaving the base and I wait mabey 1 minute for him to get distance from his base. I run out and nuke the SIDE of the ref. He than exclaims that I was wall hoping with me being the only one there.... So he says kthxs I win gg and shuts the server down when he was like 50 points ahead of me.. he than says I wall hoped and said he took an ss of him owning me cause he took ss of when he killed me in the field... So I tell him in sarcasm that I took an ss of me nuking the ref and him saying that I was over the wall and quitting. He is quite and than I say, "wat cant handle being ownt" and he says, " Your a 12 year old n00b" or something around that. I have no ss but of course as always a log of what happened. The logs have a few extra messages he wrote that I didn't add into the story but enjoy.

Oh and I had 7 - 20 kbps running while playing against him and right before we started I said 9 kbps as thats wat it was. And of course he started to say stuff like "gonna complain about lag now"

[16:47:24] c0vert7: 9 kbps
[16:47:29] trooprm02: rofl
[16:47:34] trooprm02: gonna compoain about lag now?
[16:47:37] c0vert7: yes
[16:47:38] c0vert7: I am
[16:47:40] trooprm02: ROFL
[16:47:40] c0vert7: its warpy
[16:47:44] trooprm02: SS, thnx
[16:51:12] c0vert7: ownt?
[16:51:21] trooprm02: dude
[16:51:24] trooprm02: ur being raped
[16:52:13] trooprm02: no harv walking..
[16:52:18] trooprm02: or ref hopping
[16:52:27] trooprm02: no building/map/vechiles exploits
[16:52:30] trooprm02: got it?
[16:52:51] trooprm02: ROF n00ber
[16:53:10] trooprm02: HAHAH
[16:53:15] trooprm02: harv walking afgiit
[16:53:18] trooprm02: i told u soemthing
[16:53:18] c0vert7: no
[16:53:22] c0vert7: I ran into with buggy nub
[16:53:27] trooprm02: i sayed smryhing
[16:53:29] trooprm02: and have a ss of it
[16:53:34] trooprm02: so play by the rules
[16:53:36] c0vert7: or not
[16:53:43] trooprm02: or ur being raped
[16:54:49] c0vert7: ownt?
[16:54:59] trooprm02: ur still being raped
[16:55:05] trooprm02: look at the points nub
[16:55:08] c0vert7: wow
[16:55:11] c0vert7: a good 100
[16:55:19] trooprm02: ur losing
[16:55:23] trooprm02: idk if it was by 1
[16:55:57] c0vert7: just keep on coming
[16:56:01] c0vert7: u will die again
[16:56:04] trooprm02: ROFl
[16:56:19] trooprm02: NO WALL HOPPING
[16:56:22] trooprm02: k i win
[16:56:23] trooprm02: thnx

-=-=-=-=-=-Switching back to n00bstories server 2-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

[16:56:24] c0vert7: lo
[16:56:34] c0vert7: lmao
[16:56:36] c0vert7: dude
[16:56:40] c0vert7: I wasnt wall hoping nub
[16:56:40] trooprm02: u lost kthnx
[16:56:44] c0vert7: It was at teh side
[16:57:03] ism0kerox: WHO WON?!?!
[16:57:19] [Private] ism0kerox: lol he beat u?
[16:57:34] [Private] c0vert7: no
[16:57:39] [Private] ism0kerox: what happend?
[16:57:39] [Private] c0vert7: he shut down cause I nuked side of ref ;P
[16:57:46] [Private] c0vert7: and he said I wall hoped
[16:58:14] [Private] ism0kerox: lol on field? u cant walljump alone
[16:58:19] [Private] c0vert7: I know :p
[16:58:23] [Private] c0vert7: it was at teh side
[16:58:36] [Private] ism0kerox: he dont like to lose, he left when i was beating him and he nuke my ped

Sorry for logs and no ss, as I wasnt expecting him to be so n00by :p.