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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Jan 1, 2007 at 3:25 am
  • n00b's Name: Camdorak and a preist
  • Game: World of Warcraft
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  • Score: 9.08
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I decided to finally put a name in my story, simply so that THIS one can be strung up in n00bstories square for all to see.

I run SFK a lot recently for it gives me a weath of xp. And a wealth of general currency and items. So I throw together another little group with a rogue, mage, healer, and tank. The tank was a warrior, level 26, named Camdorak. I was level 25 at the time, and usually didn't underestimate people a level below me (I remember not why any longer.) So, in a nutshell, this guy did somewhat well, despite his inability and unwillingness to hold aggro, until there was a roll for a shadowgem (A fairly useless little gem that can be used in blacksmithing, but isn't usually rolled need for that often) we all roll greed except for Camdorak. A need roll overrides all greed roles, so since he was the only needer, he won. I asked him why he needed it and got a 'perfectly acceptable' response: "It goes with my collection" I tell him that's not a good reason to loot something like that, and that's called ninja looting.
So then we move on and he passes on everything to gain our trust or something. Then we kill the miniboss Baron Silvermane, who drops a fairly suckish (But somewhat profitable when it comes to disenchanting and vendor fodder) Baron's Scepter club. Guess who's the only need roller despite already having an even worse suckish 2h sword? Camdorak. He doesn't even use the damn thing! We ask him why and explain to him the concept of need rolling as opposed to greed rolling. He doesn't respond and keeps silent for most of the way.
Then he ninjas a fairly good staff our preist could've used, they both need rolled, and Camdorak won. Then he, at the final boss Archmage Arugal, ninja loots another thing that our priest could've used: Robes of Arugal. Throughout the entire instance itself he was a terrible tank and kept going afk mid-battle and blaming it on lag, which magically dissapeared, even mid-battle still, when there was a corpse for him to loot.
Think this is the end of it? You sure about that? Positive? Think again. Once again we make a group with him and we get a Moss Agate (virtually the same as the shadowgem) so we all greedroll it, although Camdorak (being the idiot that he is) passes on it and uses the /roll text option like it actually does something. I say, jokingly, "I was half-expecting you to need roll that into your 'collection' Camdorak." The others in my group are friends, and have either heard of or experienced the idiocy of Camdorak, and do agree and make jokes. What does he say? I quote word for word: "u ouht to c my colection" and, out of anger, I respond "A collection of ninja-looted items isn't something anyone wants to see." and he says nothing.
So then he ninja loots and pulls bosses mid battle and nearly wipes us (Thank god for Vanish) and we, thus, kick him.
Then he starts sending whine/hate tells to all of us with whatever swears he can fit in. We continue on, paying no mind to his waterworks, and complete the instance effortlessly without him. Others told me harrowing tales about his idiocy, including his admitting to being only 9 years old (I was still playing Runescape constantly back then, and I was more skilled at that than he was at, well, anything,) and refusing to get lessons on being an actual tank (instead of a n00b who pretends to tank and starts whining and crying and screaming/spamming HELP ME OMG with some macro of his at the slightest sign of aggro. I'd rather not go on further about the useless idiot Camdorak. It's time to move on to the idiot priest.
So yeah, he seems like a nice-ish guy all in all, but is very incompetent and annoying once you get to know him. I'm sorry I forgot this one's name. Camdorak sticks out in my mind more, but I digress. So at the first time I hit half health I say in party chat 'heal' because he wasn't doing anything. He doesn't heal or even power word: shield me, just says 'ur fine' and leaves me to die. He doesn't really heal any of us and I'm glad I can get the aggro off me. He only rezzed when seriously annoyed and bothered by everyone in the group and until then spams 'waste of mana just walk' over and over until he eventually says 'FINE FINE FINE FINE'
Then came Arugal. Midway into battle he spams using a 'clever' macro of his own 'ur preist is out of mana, ur all doomed!' over and over and over until, almost as if to shut him the hell up, Arugal turns his aggro towards him (Although it might have been that aggro-drop I did a second ago) and he starts being attacked. What does he spam? 'ur helpess preist is being attacked, save him!' I responded, after he died and his spamfest was over, 'you forgot useless!' just out of anger and a bit of pressure, and we eventually pwn arugal and he whines about getting no loot.

THE END. Both of these n00bs deserve to be shot and killed by a guy with a crazyass super-innacurate but swiss-cheese-making weapon. Or just get pistol whipped until they bleed.