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  • Written By: kilkia123
  • Submitted: Dec 30, 2006 at 7:50 pm
  • n00b's Name: Magicmasa
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 23
  • Score: 7.09
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Well, this is my first story so bear with me here. It was late at night, past my bedtime when I couldn't sleep. I decided to pop in Renegade. I logged into this server called BlackIntel, or something along those lines, and started playing. There were about six or seven players and I was on team Nod in map Under. Gdi was winning and had several tanks in the field pointwhoring. Fortunately, my team had someone repairing the buildings so I bought a stealth black hand.
I proceeded into the field and decided to see if I could steal a few tanks. It turns out that the players currently in the game are far less greater in skill than the players of n00bstories. After stealing about three medium tanks and a mammoth tank, a player by the name magicmasa (who I had given a stolen medium tank) messages me. Magicmasa seems nice and after a while tells me that he/she is invincible in the field. I thought, what the he** is this guy talking about?
I buy a stealth black hand and proceed to the very top of that hill in this map and look down at magicmasa, who has now gotten his/her medium tank killed and is about to be blown the heck up by three mammoths. To my surprise, while the mammoth tanks are firing upon magicmasa, he/she seems to be repairing him/herself! His/her health would suddenly pop right back up to full. Of course this is cheating so I tell magicmasa to stop cheating. Magicmasa stops after I "beg" him/her to stop doing that and he/she dies shortly after. I meet up with magicmasa at the obelisk becuse he/she wanted to show me another "cool trick". I look at magicmasa (who is currently an engineer) and 'BAM' magicmasa changes into a stealth black hand. By this time I decided that of course magicmasa was a cheater and complemented him/her on his/her cool tricks (which of course are lies). I left the server short;y after and with n00bstories being full, I quit the game and went to bed.
The n00b part of this story isn't that magicmasa was a cheater, but it was how magicmasa SHOWED me the cheats right like that was pretty n00bish of him/her in my opinion. Sorry that I did not get any screen shots or maybe even logs or a video, but heck, I'm new to this stuff. Sorry if my story was a little too long or if it was badly written in your opinion. Please vote honestly. :D