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  • Written By: FMHavoc
  • Submitted: Dec 30, 2006 at 1:41 pm
  • n00b's Name: Hunters (More specifics within)
  • Game: Real Life
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Well, any of you know, I am Havoc, I run a clan in a private Lineage 2 server.

For reference:
Zeata (hunters)
Spoilergirl (Hunters)
Abraxis (My clan)
ItachiReborn (My clan)
Doobie (GM)

Today, I was told that Iam2fast4u got away from the grip of the Blackhand with help from Zeata. (Shame, I know too) I log in to make Abraxis' Dual Damascus and failed at that, what a shame. So I relog to Havoc only to find my guys in Giran with spoilergirl, Zeata and Iam2fast4u sitting around. I only caught 2 lines, but it was mocking. So we decide to run north to Giran castle only to have them follow us.

So I bring out my Panther all the while Iam2fast keep mocking Abraxis,you know, name calling, asking for a fight. So we take the high ground and keep walking, only to find Zeata attempting to stalk us on the hills. So I stand face to face with Iam2fast and lo and behold my panther begins to attack (darn buggers, have a mind of their own, ^^) which institutes Zeata using his magic (Doobie, jewelry! GARH!) and promptly killing us.

All the while, after I respawn back at the castle, I execute orders CW-1034 (Clan War, Hunters) so basically a bit of spam goes on and we begin to buff up and teleport to Giran. We walk to Giran's Clan house and hear the buffing, about 8 guys come up, easy enough for my 3 wouldn't you say. So, I know Zeata needs alot of room for him to execute his attacks, and in the name of fairness, I ask them to line up, similarly the way we were, only to have them run farther out of Giran's range. Meanwhile, all the time we have Ishimaru with the elegance of a Monster Eye breaking out all sorts of insults, personal attacks, etc. (Me thinks someone takes Lineage 2 WAY to seriously.)

So, Ishi sends his panther to attack mine, which then causes him to attack my panthers and then ME to attack him (get the pattern ) So we do fairly well until everyone else comes in and Zeata, that magic bastard he is, does that skirt rising attack and so we die, we laugh it up a bit until, once more, someone takes it WAY to seriously and begins to win just as bad if he loss. So we return to town and ask for the 1v1s in Giran Arena, first up was ItachiReborn vs Ishimaru, a DA vs Gladiator.

We went there only to wait 20 or so minutes while hunters had gotten Ishi some gear, so in the spirit of fairness, I ask abraxis to lend him his Dual samurais. He does and we begin the match, Of course, I asked everyone watching to unequip and sit down, there are those few people who just CAN'T comprehend simple requests and what do I end of seeing, Iam2fast4u attacking Itachi, so this then causes me to jump out and attack Iam2fast. The accusations were that someone used HPpots, I was busy talking on X-Fire, so I had no idea. OK we reset, everyone agrees to the new terms, we sit on the side of the Arena, weapons unequipped. Everyone regenerates and we begin again. This time it went without interruption and IshiMaru wins, DA vs Glad, who would have guessed.

So then, high on the adrenaline of his first win, he calls me out, a 76 DA (oh yeah, we know where this is going) and I promptly buff up and call out my Panther.

Now, the panther causes turmoil, because in the words of IshiMaru: "Panthers are for pussys who can't fight, get rid of the pussy, pussy." Anyone who has ever gotten a DA to a high level, has to realize, a DP is an invaluable asset, maxing over 1.4k Patk Damage, its better than some buffs. But alas, he insults me some more and we begin, a few Drain Healths later, I win. Of course, Itachi lost gracefully, but this is not the case for Ishi, more personal attacks, etc.

Iam2fast4u wanted to fight, so we buff up and begin. A 76 DA vs 76 Paladin, this fight went on forever, I was using Drain Health causing the various 300 damage while the shields were taking the brunt of the damage. So about 20 minutes later, Ishimaru and Zeata both step into the arena, a direct violation of the terms agreed upon up in the story. So I pummel him a bit, causing "collateral damage," which then causes a rabid, frothy mouthed Ishi to equip everything and begin to attack me. This also sends in Spoilergirl and Zeata to attack me, since when was a 1v1 a 4v1? So I begin to attack spoiler while Zeata healed him, of course, my guys being the beacon of morals that they are, sit on the sidelines, Itachi then came to my aide only to be pummeled out of the arena. Abraxis' pizza was too greasy.

So I then die at the orders of spoilergirl telling Zeata to kill and then of course, the amount of trashtalking begins of OMG OWNED U R A PUSSY OWNED, etc etc. I then laugh, and walk to town knowing, I'll never get a fair fight. Well the moral of the story is, Guidelines and rules? Who needs em.

That's my experience of the still on-going clan war. Ciao.