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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Dec 27, 2006 at 10:13 pm
  • n00b's Name: Title too long, specifics within
  • Game: World of Warcraft
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Basically, it's people who are on my server and happen to read n00bstories.com, and, not owning an account, decide to just flame me ingame because they're 'deeply offended' or something. I've decided to post my few accounts of that. All names are withheld, as usual, to protect the stupid.

Part one: Deeply Offended

I get a random whisper while waiting for the Grom'Gol zepplin (technically a blimp with a boat hanging from it) which says "ur an ashole" curious as to what I did this time, I repspond "Oh? Why this time? What have I done to you?" I had never seen this player before, ever, and after hearing his response almost assumed he created an account just to flame me 'u post thigns on nubsttores.com bout people ho arnt nobs + ur da noob in all thopse sotires' This response generally baffles me to no end, although I understood that he read my stories and apparently had some problem with it, deciphering all of that would take an expert team of genuine n00bs who actually speak normally as at least a second language. I, kind of getting the jist of it, respond "Oh? And how do you know that? Itraver, the user, said something on my healers entry, but most of that was just general typing errors and his own utter stupidity.' He responds with the most intelligent and dignified thing, not to mention it being an INCREDIBLY strong point: 'cuz ur a fag'
It kind of drags on like this. After he runs out of points and arguments, I didn't put him on the ignore list because his incredibly feeeble attempts to create a solid point amused me, he moves on to saying every racist and offensive thing in the book, at which point I ignore him, and when he finally gives up put him off for the hell of making sure he doesn't flame me in General Chat.

Part two: Reinforcements.

So, I'm moving on up in the engineering skill and just trying to keep a grip on enough money to obtain the mats I can't get by mining, when I get another tell from someone else. It begins formally, with a good vocabulary and perfect clarity: 'ur a fuking fag mi frend is rite stop flammin peeple on nobstores.com wjen in al thos storis ur the noob fag bithc nggerr fukr pusy as bitc' I realized instantly this was the first flamer's mouthbreathing friend. I ask him to tell me in what ways was I the 'noob' in all my stories. He gives me a straight answer 'cuz iur a fukin niger fag bitch motrfuker ashol ho cant rite 4 sht an cnt mak a good stori dumas stop flamin me n my frend an peple ho rnt niobs.' He's on ignore, off momentarily, and I see he's in a flame war with ten of my guildies, all of which are defending me. I have a good lol at that and move on to making more Copper Modulators, Flying Tiger Goggles close, yet so very far away.

Part 3: Flame Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Noob.

So I'm hammering out some explosives for engineering when there's an uproar in guild chat. We've been challenged to a 'war' evidently by the guild those two dumbasses were in, and they've been sending our leader constant whispers calling us a noob/fag/nigger/fatty/bitch guild all day. How would that be managed? The Goblin Fight Pits, 5 on 5 battles of premade groups, duking it out (WoW wrestlemania, almost.) for the gold. They get their asses handed to them, and are as graceful at losing as they are upon the keyboard, calling us hackers, cheaters, aimbot users (wrong game, apparently,) and every other accusation and once again raicist/offensive comment in the world.

Flame Wars Episode IV: A new Noob

So that was over for a while, and I finally got the appropriate engineering level to start making coarse dynamite. A guy from a totally different guild had the same problem, but his IQ was about 90 at least. His whisper was as follows: 'So I've been told by another guild, you make stories on n00bstories.com that you think make you look badass where, in context, you're really the n00b.