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  • Submitted: Dec 26, 2006 at 12:24 am
  • n00b's Name: 25% of my media class
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Basic info:
Im in a class called "media studies" in my school
(most of the work done in the class is either watching movies or making them)
The class is divided into many small groups and each small group and are given an
assignment (making a movie which is entertaining) that had to be finish in 6 weeks.

Week 1:
So im placed in a group and was about to start filming but there was a few
-There wern't enough cameras for every group (there were 4-out-10 cameras
left because the n00bish percentage of the class had broke 6 cameras in 6 months)

Things Start going smothly untill the n00bs of the class started to "sabotage" other
groups films (by jumping infront of the camera when it was recording and
"overwriting" prerecorded material with some random bullshit but it only happened
to the other groups, not mine, well not just yet...)

Week 3:
Got sick for one week, halted production till week 4.

Week 4:
Things started to go "downhill" from here...
We had just finished recording all scenes and were about to edit the film but then
a n00b from the class got a hold of our tape and "overwritten" 75% (which was 45
minutes worth of footage) of the movie i had with random bullshit. Meaning my group had to "re-shoot" the movie, edit it and hand it in with less than 2 weeks to

Week 5:
the group had only 25% of the film to shoot before i could start editing, then
a member from our group (which was a n00b which i didn't know about untill now)
got himself kicked out of the class and this n00b happen to be a importaint actor in
the film, so the film was fucked because we couldn't continue without him (he was
in 75% of the footage that was already made and if he didn't show up in the rest
of the film, the story wouldn't make sense so i asked the teacher if could hand in
a report why the movie is fucked up and hand in what was left of the movie instead
(by doing this, my group wouldn't fail the assignment except of the n00b who got
kicked out of the class, but i would have to do more work by typing out the report
which had to be 2 pages long).

Week 5:
Wasn't here due to camp (had a great time)

Week 6:
Things turned to shit...
After i summited the tape and the report to the teacher, i found out that the film
on the tape was overwritten with shit (by the n00bs during camp) so the only
thing stopping the group from failing the assignment was my report i made. The
group ended up getting a "D+" for the assignment.