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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Dec 24, 2006 at 8:28 pm
  • n00b's Name: Generally stupid parties
  • Game: World of Warcraft
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As my Christmas present to all of you, I decided to break my vow of lethargy and write my third installment of my archives. This covers my party in general, save me and perhaps one or two other people.

A guildie and I had just put together a party for the Deadmines (yes, we're undead members of the horde, and I have some sort of feeling a n00bvoter is going to subtract, like, 5 points for "impossibility" or some bull-crap) and our team was fairly balanced. Two damage dealers (my guldie buddy and I, both of us are rogues) a healer, and a tank. I was the highest level among us (A 22, the rest of the group was 15-18.) So, we're just wandering in and starting to attack the miners when the preist leaves and hearths out, the tank runs out of the instance and dies, leaving us hapless rogues to barely fend for ourselves and almost die. The tank, getting owned by the innumerable amount of mobs OUTSIDE the instances says in /party OMFG WHY DIDNT U REZ ME U NOOBS UR SUPPOSED TO PORTECT THE TANK HES THE MOST IMPORTANT NO MATTER WHAT IM LEAVING YOU DUM NOOBX. Which he does. Sure, two rogues are gonna be able to rez someone outside the instance with eight Defias Miners on us.

Group 2:
I'd make this short if that wasn't such easy prey for n00bvoters. Once again, we were in deadmines. We'd made it to the Goblin Foundry when our other rogue and our mage ran directly to the abnormally large goblin boss whose name escapes me and took the time to aggro every single other mob in the area. We did our best to get quite a few off him, and did. Of course, most of us wipe and I JUST manage to pull off a vanish before I was p'owned. The rogue starts whining about us being too weak, the mage says we did nothing, and then the rogue calls me a hacker for being able to stealth in the middle of battle (vanish is a super-stealth that can be pulled off any time. When it fades after around 10 seconds you're back in normal stealth) and the mage agrees. They both leave the party, the preist joins them since he was clearly new and believed them when they said I was hacking.


RFC. Healer runs away after the slightest sign of aggro, even though he got the aggro off him seconds after he ran. He keeps running, runs out of the instance, and leaves the group calling us 'unhelpful noobs' then the rest of the group disbands ignoring the fact that we could just get another healer using either the LFG feature or general chat.


The tank is overconfident, tell us to stay back and let him kill everything (despite him being level 10) constantly. The healer still does some healing, but then we realise he's drinking booze instead of mana-healing beverages! Needless to say, we can't aggro one mob without a wipe. I leave and let them wipe through it.

That's all I'm doing for this one. I'll probably think of another one to do later.