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  • Written By: Patriot
  • Submitted: Dec 17, 2006 at 1:47 am
  • n00b's Name: crazfulla
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 43
  • Score: 8.91
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This is my first n00bstory, I belive.

Here you are:

So, I finally dixed a series of problems with my Renegade today. I'd had a lot of lag, and a problem with Scripts3 that had prevented me from playing for a good long while. And when I finally had it all taken care of, you can bet that I was ready to jump onto a server.
And I did.

I found one of my favorite-est of maps, right there, for the playing: Carnage Club(Yes, I'm the kind of person that likes DM). Low ping, populated server, ahh man, I was set. So I joined, obviously, than stood there for a second, to let the music kick in- and started firing away. Actually, I'm lying. I didn't fire away at anything, because the only guy on Nod was an SBH. And he'd only reveal himself when I was a good distance from my teammate, at which point he would unleash his volt rifle on my lowly solider. But that was ok, I mean, it's Carnage Club- Anything goes, right?

With that mentality, I got a Hotiwre, and did the most unholy of things. I started mining known spawn points, and hallway entrances, knowing that the silly SBH would eventually blow his face off. And he did. Man, he must've been annoyed, but I was equally entertained. So I kept mining here and there, when I had the chance, and I started picking on his newly-joined teammate.

A minute or two later I barely caught a message in all-chat, saying something like: "n00b miner", or the like. I expected such a message to come eventually. But I didn't think anything of it. And I kept playing as I had been. ***OMG IT'S CARNAGE CLUB!!1!!11!1!1***

So like, then I got kicked. And the idiocy of the reason supplied for the kick, stunned me so much, that I just barely got a screen shot of the deed(Note the "Connection Lost" mesage):


I'll be honest. That's the first time I've thought it necessary to take a screen shot of a kick. Mostly, because I make a point not to get kicked in the first place(And, I usually don't catch the image in time to get a good SS)... If I don't like a server's rules, than I don't play there. But I just couldn't resist this time.

Being annoyed as I was, for having my wonderful game on Carnage interrupted in such a n00bish manner, I decided to take action- Kind of. I went to the n00bless forums, conquered a bit of laziness, and registered. Than I posted about my encounter:


Before I finished writing, though, I re-joined the server, to use the !rules command(I know, I probably should've done that already- But I forgot, OK!?), just to make sure that there was no posted rule against: "Mining up the place, on DM maps". There was none. Nor were there any other rules, at all. Noting that Mr. Silly Mod guy was still there, I remarked: "No rules?" He said: "yar" I said: "Interesting. That makes the one you kicked me for- imaginary;)"

We then had a short discussion about why he didn't like mines on DM maps, and who paid for the server(I never asked him that question). And I told him why it was "not very smart" to take miens out of a game type that has already had vehicles removed from it. After realizing that the conversation had turned to nonsensical babble, I said: "Goodbye" and left the game.

Anyhow, back to the forums- I knew what I wanted to know: I didn't break any posted rule- just made angry one really annoying moderator, that liked to make up his own rules.

I explained the situation on the forums, and added my own... opinions(Hey, why not?) ...

He replied with some more babble, and terms like: "numpty".

You'll note, that I clearly state that I did not see the need for an apology, and I did NOT give one:

Sillyman: "Second, I don't appreciate you coming on here and insulting me, simply for enforcing a code of conduct on the server. I asked you twice in public chat to stop mining - your team mate also. You obviously did not heed the warnings and hence I felt the need to kick was necessary. I would have thought that someone un the Nod Elites would simply come back and apologise for thier actions|||Yeah, and we'd also apologize for being kicked in the butt...|||, perhaps inform me you missed what I had said earlier."

Me: "Why would I have re-joined, and apologized? I didn't do anything that would warrant giving an apology. "

He must be celebrating opposite day, because he than tried to prove to me, that I hadn't apologized(Duh, I know):

Sillyman:" Second, you never apologised." *posts irc segment
Patriot: "I never said that I DID apologize"
Sillyman: "I must be blind, because I see no apology" *posts another gigantic IRC log

Ok, so, here's the deal: I joined a game. Got sent a silly, misspelled message about n00b-mining from a cowardly-SBH with a volt rifle(on Carnage Club!), a message that I only barely read with my peripheral vision... Than I get kicked for: "stop mining nub". Than I post on the n00bless forums, and the only concern expressed, is that of the guy who kicked me- who then pretends to know what he thinks he might be talking about-maybe.

Oh, and he also makes a point to prove to the wold that I've mocked him, as if I've denied it. I haven't. In fact, I've mocked him quite a bit. But it doesn't really matter, because Silly Mod People like him will always get to sit around with their stealth suits and their volt rifles, and whine when they step on my Proxies. And no one will ever do anything about it. I mean, I could sit on their forums and argue with this guy til he hit puberty, without anyone ever interrupting, or doing anything about his n00bish moderating-skills, but I plan on going to college, and getting a job, and you know, all that good stuff.

Read through that forum thread. You will laugh.

NOTE: n00bless will make you register on their forums to read that(another silly rule?)

"Before submitting, please review your response. Tell us why your n00b should be voted a 10!"

Why? Because he's the best doggone n00b there ever was- Almost! But you should still vote a 10. Because this was the best n00bstory that you've ever read.

No, really. I'm not kidding. You are now mesmerized by its glory ;)

Oh, also:

Originally Posted by Patriot View Post
Have a great day!
Also, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit."

Actually, pretending that you can recognize sarcasm, is the lowest form of wit- Right under "Pretending that the other guy said the opposite of what he actually said, so that your statements will make sense"

Thanks for reading(You'd better have)!