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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Dec 17, 2006 at 1:07 am
  • n00b's Name: Incompetent Healers of all kinds
  • Game: World of Warcraft
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  • Score: 8.64
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Like I promised, here is my anthology of dumbass healers. Lets begin, with my lowest levels, and move on.

Healer one:
My first instance (Ragefire Chasm) and I'd put together a fairly good team. I had all the basics, a mage, healer, tank and damage-dealer. The mage started tanking and only healing himself when we got aggro, and we got more wipes than that the ass of a man who's been infected with either 'chocolate' laxatives or Montezuma's revenge. Of course, he couldn't take it when he was kicked and flamed absolutely everyone in the group. I don't know if he ever got a group again.

Healer two:
Okay, this guy was the straight-up hide-and-loot kind of weenie healer that you see everywhere. He gets into groups easy since he's a preist, and then does nothing but reap the spoils of OUR labor and durability/health loss. Okay, he casted one or two healing spells... on himself. If you're too stupid to predict the outcome of this after reading this and my last story, get back on the shortbus where you belong (Or sped-ex as some call it.)

Healer three:
Can you say "Leeroy Jenkins" right now? If not, you're either illiterate or you have a speech impediment. Either way, this guy ran into this one tiny room with about five different trogs and Oggleflint, the slightly stronger cheiftan of the ragefire troggs. We just stand there and have ourselves a laugh, he gets owned, starts crying and whining in party chat, then later (seeing as that was all we needed to do, we'd finished everyone and everything else) he was flaming us in general chat. He was saying we 'never protected the healer, ninja looted constantly, and scammed some money off of him!' A few old friends of mine (and from others in the group) defended us, and we defended each other. It wasn't long until all of Orgrimmar hated his ass.

Healer four:
This time I was in westfall, longshore, and I had a healer friend with me to make sure I'm not too overwhelmed. After a bit of fighting a warlock and his minion came and the minion started attacking the healer and the warlock himself fighting me. What does he do instead of healing me and waiting to get the severely pissed off voidwalker off of him? He runs off into the water! We're both undead, in this case, so he can breathe longer than the warlock himself, but not the voidwalker whom I believe have infitinite breath. He gets his ass handed to him by that blue whateverthingy, I kill the warlock, and then just hearth back to safer territory.

That's all I care to do, now. Next I'll be doing group members in general (misc. basically.)