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  • Written By: XtremePro
  • Submitted: Dec 13, 2006 at 8:07 pm
  • n00b's Name: My friend's GF.
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
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  • Score: 9.54
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So this story is gonna be a bit different than my normal stories. Which usually are because I'm pissed off about being kicked or something.

So today my friend and I met up. We decided to goto the mall and were playing the new Nintendo Wii. And then all of the sudden my friends girlfriend pops in. Thats fine with me, she's a cool person to hangout with.

So then she says she is Christmas shopping and her parents are at the mall. So she wanted to goto Target. They asked if I wanted to go and I was like yeah sure, something to do. So we shop at Target for like an hour and then leave.

So when we are leaving her parents call her. And asked what she was doing and all this stuff. So I don't know why, but she decided to tell them she was with another one of her friends ( a gay guy for that matter ). Then her parents wanted to meet up and give her $$ or something for a hair cut. And she like paniced and started telling all these white lies... Only god knows why? So she is like arguing with her parents about where she is and why they don't trust her and stuff. After she got off the phone she told us she had to meet up with her parents. I was like, ok. So she is like speeding a long because she told them she was closer than she was... So were right down the block from where she is meeting them and she pulls into this parking lot and is like, "Get out really fast. I'll be back to pick you up."

At this point I'm sort of like baffled at what is going on. She is 17 years... But I was like, ok thats cool. So me and my friend are standing down the road looking sort of stupid, waiting, and my friend gets a call from her. She says, "JUMP IN A BUSH OR SOMETHING, MY PARENTS SAW ME DROP YOU OFF." I didn't hear that, and even if I had... I wouldn't have jumped in a bush. My friend (her boyfriend) was already really really pissed at the situation.

Then her parents come speeding up and like started yelling at us. And asking us why she always lies when shes with us. My friend is like telling her parents he doesn't know why she lies like that and stuff. I'm standing there dumbfounded at the whole situation.

Next my friends girlfriend drives up... Her parents start yelling at her. They make her park her car and get in theres, and they leave... Leaving me and my friend. It wasn't really a big deal, I just called another friend to come pick us up. But it was a pain in the ass...

I'm still a bit shocked at the situation... It could have been avoided if she had just told the truth. If she had dropped us off further down the road, or just met up with her parents with us in the car. But the situation ended up turning out the very worst it could have... For nothing. Lying about something there was no need to lie about.