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  • Written By: OrangeP47
  • Submitted: Dec 2, 2006 at 7:24 pm
  • n00b's Name: Squirrel and ImmortalDragon
  • Game: Half Life 2
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  • Score: 9.41
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I know I had a recent story, but this will be alot better.

To start off, this isn't HL2 but a mod for it called source forts. If you have no idea what this is, its where you build "forts" using blocks, then play CTF with it. The common things to build are walls, ramps, and tunnles, witch all have their uses. Durring the combat phase you can repair, and move the blocks, but much more slowly (and of course your being shot at the entire time). Renegade players can probably relate.

Anywho down to the n00bs. The first one was on the first server I went to, and it was Squirrel. The game starts of nice, 3 on 3 at the beggining of the game so its the very long build time. I could even call it my best game ever. At first it was awsome, with our bases aim being to keep them out, and their base letting us in but slaughtering us on the way out with the flag.

Now this might not seem related to the n00b but it is. Because of their base design, they had built ramps and bunkers up on top of concreat structures that seperated the spawn and flag. This allowed them to quickly send troops their flag, because otherwise you'd have to go out through the chaos in the middle. I've drawn a map to illustrate.


The part they built bunkers on was the big black box, on their side, normaly unaccessable.

So after that round, I decided to build a ramp up to ours so we could get to our flag quickly too. Didn't build bunkers as the flag defence needed extensive repairs and improving. Also started a wall to shield our flag from fire from the other side of the lava river. I didn't get it finished but when it was it would protect us when capping the flag and we could still hit them.

Anywho that round goes good, we catch up our losses and all is nice, my ramp realy helps out.

So then its the thrid build phase, and this is where the n00bing happens. I get to the flag and finish the wall, help a bit building a pridge across the lava, then with around 45 seconds left, I go see how the rest of the team is building at our spawn. I am plesently surprised to see a wall all the way across it, allowing us out and over fast and no one in. Then I see something horrible.

Squirrel had dismantled my ramp, through the pieces in the lava, and was trying in a n00bish way to make his one. Now ofcourse I try to fix it but he argues and interferes, yelling at me in horrible launguage (not cussing, spelling grammer, I mean come on, is it that hard to spell my name when it is only OAM).

To make a long story short, the ramp is in pieces on the ground at the start of the next combat round. We eventuly get one up under fire, but it is a mere shadow of its formerself. When I get up and over, I see why the enemy hasn't stoeln the flag. They decimated our defences, just a few random blocks were left, they took the time to add it to their fort while we were trying to fix the ramp or being slaughtered trying to get their via the middle (in the begging our defences did a good job of keeping us out, it was what they wre designed to do after all sence we had a ramp). As soon as they see two of us come over, they start capping the flag. We lose by around 600 points or so (a flag cap is like 20 points, not 1).

Summery of n00b #1: The n00b tried to remove my ramp and build his own, probably to take credit or something afterwards. He fails and we lose because of lack of acsess to the area the ramp went too...


Thoroughly disgusted, I try a differenter server. Its on city (self explanitory). And its mid game, and I must say the fort was the best I had seen to date (in around 3 hours of playing lol). There is about a minute of the build phase left, so I try to help. This is where our 2nd n00b comes in.

Every time I pick up a block he yells at me to put it down. He keeps saying the piece is wothless. He dismantled the ramp I built over a wall. He complained it was wortheless, but it was the only way out of the base.

So combat starts and somehow they get the flag and back to our base, but they hide it in our spawn and all camp around it saying don't touch it. They yell at me to repair the base while everyone else camps the flag. So with an entire enemy team making holes in the wall and only me fixing the gaps, you can guess what happened. In despseration I grab the flag to score, I mean it was only 10 feet, but they tked me and picked it up and put it back in our spawn where no one could get it.

All the while they were yelling at me to quit standing around and repair the base. I was, hoping they had some plan witch I was just to n00bish to understand. After about 50 "fix the base" yells, I just say "it is fixed" And all I get is "OMG OAM u n00b repair the base"

After 5 minutes of this, the flag times out and goes back to their base, and they literly almost start to cry (with voice chat built in it is possible). Thats about when I get sick and tierd of it and leave.

Summery of n00b #2: He acted liek he owned the place. Constantrly dismantled and critised my base improvements, even if they were excellent. Kept the enemy flag in our spawn and hid it there, while telling me to fix the base when it didn't need it (at the time) then whineing when I do do it when it needs it.