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  • Written By: CyborgSg1
  • Submitted: Dec 2, 2006 at 12:01 pm
  • n00b's Name: L33t speak n00b RAGE
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 17
  • Score: 5.82
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I love l33t speak, I really do. I use it on the internet all the time. It is very useful when typing under fire in a game because you can(most of the time, unless n00bs are present) get your point across quickly without having to type out long sentences. Yes, L33t is a very good for the internet and online gaming....but in real life......now that just crosses the line!

As I was enjoying (sarcasm) another morning at school, my friend and I heard something so hideous and insidious that it made us....REALLY........ABSOLUTELY EXTREMELY.......peevish. As were walking by a group of 5 emo n00bs in one of the common areas, we overheard a disagreement among them about whatever emos gripe about, well one of the more emo and rather smelly looking n00bs replied angrily to fellow n00bets,"WTF man, your breaking my balls". This in turn caused one of the rather pale emo girls to reply, "OMG get over it". They actually SAID dubbyu-tee-ef and o-em-gee! I can name a doesn't more times but need I go farther?

Now, your probably wondering, why are you so angry or who really cares. People its the principle of the whole thing. Anybody who knows L33t knows that it began because early online communication were so damn slow. People needed ways to shorten their messages so that they could get their point across quickly. But in real life!? Come on people, abbreviations are one thing but L33t in real life? HA!

You think that is bad? I was watching the news the other day and found out something even more idiotic. Seniors in high school were using L33t to write their final papers and earned terrible scores for it. What ever happened to proper grammar and complete sentences? Hell, these real life L33t speakers are almost as bad as these n00bs.......


So the whole point of this? Please keep the l33t in the chat or gaming rooms and don't use it in real life. It is comparable to when Top Gun came out and every dickhead was repeating, "ugh I feel the need for speed", which really annoyed the fighter pilots by the way!

Just wanted to vent my anger....
Thank You