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  • Written By: OrangeP47
  • Submitted: Nov 26, 2006 at 4:46 pm
  • n00b's Name: waitlend
  • Game: Generals (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 15
  • Score: 7.60
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This is a story about one n00b who used n00b tactics. That initself wouldn't warrent a story usualy, but he broke the ONE rule I set down.

I go into generals, I'm still getting back into it after not having a good connection for a year. This was the other day, and for some reason, quickmatch had been down. So I go and make a room in 1 vs 1 (I actualy use the right room unlike most people). The map is final crusade (I think) and I get the lower half. We are both usa. He asks the rules and I say neither of us gets aroras, but thats it (seeing his record of 25/172 didn't make me say my usual rule set.

So we get going, and as USA, spying on him is an obvious way to go. Much to my surprise, he is building aroras... With two strips he apeared to be an "air n00b" so I did the one thing that hurts air n00bs the most, took out the oil dericks, hoping he couldn't afford to keep it up.

The game drags on, and he surprisingly keeps it up. He has little to no gorund forces, and I have around 40 crusaders, but I can't get across due to three patriots at both bridges. At one time we both had particle cannons, he had about three, and he got mine before I could fire, first with one of his cannons, but he had to finish it of with A10s as I got his full airstrip of aroras.

Now, this entire time I had been asking about his insistance on breaking the one rule. He was silent. I knew I'd win in the end, because I had done something like this my first game (with it allowed of course).

Finaly, I see my opening. All of his aroras flying overhead and easily being shot down had given me level 5 quickly (for a turtle game that is) and he barly had level 3 as far as I could tell. He had also clumped his power in one nice pile. You can guess what happened. My Fuel-air bomb comes in escorted by paras and takes out ALL his power. My tank force (doubled by this time) goes charging across both bridges at the same time. As soon as he sees them, he surrenders, not leting me destroy his base. A n00bish end to a n00b who breaks the rules.

Well, atleast we can chalk up one for the good players.