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  • Written By: Ren-Sniper
  • Submitted: Nov 26, 2006 at 2:49 pm
  • n00b's Name: J1Burn & M.Burn
  • Game: Battlefield 2
  • Votes: 17
  • Score: 7.41
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Well it's my first time back in a while, and my first n00bstory in a while too. Enough with the introduction, let's get on with the n00bs!

Server: Ohmtown.net BattleRacer BF2 Server
n00bs: J1Burn and M.Burn
Map: Seaside Raceway ,Wake Island 2007, Urban Speedway, Gulf of Oman, and Dragon Valley
Acts of n00bishness: Racism, ramming and driving backwards

My friend, Megakep, and I decided to play the BattleRacer mod for BF2 yesterday and hopped on the Ohmtown.net BR server to race some. I was downloading the 1.41 patch because I hadn't updated my game so I have no idea what happened in the first ten minutes of this n00bishness, but after I got in and loaded up, the race had already start and Megakep had crashed.

We decided to go to the "Demo Pit" that has explosive barrels, crates, and other various stuff to smash cars into. After a few minutes the map ended, and it went on to Dragon Valley.

Race starts, everything goes fine on the first lap, then J1Burn starts to be a n00b. He tries to ram me off the track, which I easily dodge. Then he T-bones me and sends me and Megakep (who just spawned in my car) flying off the track into the water. Both Burn idiots start calling us n00bs after we blow up and respawn. This is a bit of what they said:


They then finish the race, and say "WE OWN YOU NOOBS!!!" despite them being the only people racing. Another friend of mine, TheLukewarm2+2=5, had joined in a minute before the race started and was trying to get the lap record for the track so he wasn't trying to win. On the second round J1Burn said "you suk nob" and then this argument formed:

J1: you suk nob
Me: what is a nob?
J1: dumbsh*t
Mega: you're the one that rammed us off the track
Lukewarm: ooohhh burn
J1: f*k u u f*king pice of f*k
Me: rofl

No response from either of the Burn guys, the second race goes fine except for me blowing up J1 and him trying to take me out, failing miserably. I start a map vote for Wake Island, and the map switches.

Megakep and I both get in the same car, so do the Burns. They try to give Luke a false start by attemping to ram him, but he gets out of their way and they get a false start.

J1: f*k you n*gg*r
Luke: I'm black


M.Burn tries to ram me off course, but fails and instead goes flying off map.

I get third place after being spun by J1, I accidentally run him over at the end, and he actually comes back and tries to kill me. He succeeds because I'm trying to take a screenshot of him shooting me, but thanks to the lag caused by the taking of the 'shot, this is all I got:


This kind of stupidity continued throughout Oman and Urban, and after the first Oman race ended I decided to call it quits for BR.

Hope you liked it,