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  • Written By: DunkinDonutsPwn
  • Submitted: Nov 25, 2006 at 3:20 am
  • n00b's Name: Jackofspades and Nutslapyou
  • Game: World of Warcraft
  • Votes: 15
  • Score: 5.93
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Okay, so I'm in Brill for no particular reason trying to hammer out a bargain (through tells) for a mechanical yeti (Also for no particular reason) and Jackofspades, a few levels higher, comes up to me randomly and challenges me to a duel. I say "I'm kind of busy right now, can we do this some other time?" and he starts laughing and doing the /chicken emote or whatever and repeating such words as pussy, nigger, and anything else either raicist or offensive to get me going, which I don't.
Then Nutslapyou, a few levels lower than I, starts joining me and challenges me to a duel. I'm kind of fed up with this, so I duel him. He, predictably, jumps over and around me as fast and annoyingly as possible in hopes I don't hit him, which doesn't work. I kill him easily, and they start caling me a cheater and saying I have aimbot (Which, of course, I question only to be called a pussy/nigger/queer/bitch again, respectively.)
Basically, it dragged on like this for a while until a human paladin, a nightelf hunter, a human warrior, and a couple other alliance guys show up, and they start fighting them for some reason, doing the /chicken emote to them whenever possible. This doesn't work, they're both killed, and I log out and post this n00bstory.

t3h 3nd!

I'm again sorry about no screenshots, Mr. Imageloader and I are NOT friends.