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  • Written By: ringle99.
  • Submitted: Nov 14, 2006 at 3:35 pm
  • n00b's Name: random discussiion>fat chicks
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
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  • Score: 2.23
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ok so i was talking with nixonand some other ppl...just read its more funny

ncognito> AsPHy, have you ever fucked a fat chick while under the influence of alcohol?
* grant89uk[hl2dm] is now known as grant89uk
<_3663Nixon> lol i saw an ad for the local swingers club- singles welcome! thats just an orgy isnt it?
how fat is fat
yeah X-d where u live i want ur paper
AsPHy, obese... considerable amount of flab
someone with a few extra pounds can still be hot and fuckworthy
beached whale?
i would goto a swinger club except i have no partner to go with
<_3663Nixon> hang on i never got one that big!
i know a guy that's got a fetish for fat chicks though
_3663Nixon> hey grant lets both go, in a none ghey way
like 16+ stone
that's just disturbing
so basicly id be freeloading and shagging everone elses wfies
i am far from being attracted to any fat chicks. some may be cute in the face, but they're also not HUGE
yeah grant and nixon go to swingers club pretending to be gay "gay rooms that way gents" "WTF"
<_3663Nixon> and why not. dammit u might be able to pawn a few wedding rings at the end of the night
i never said anything about robbing them nixon
<_3663Nixon> LOL
and if i was id steal their cars