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  • Written By: Knuckles169
  • Submitted: May 10, 2006 at 6:21 pm
  • n00b's Name: The entire Rebels team
  • Game: Battlefield 2
  • Votes: 29
  • Score: 9.10
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I was playing a small 16 player map that started on Devil's Perch with MEC SF and Navy Seals. I should have noticed the server was a bit crappy when I was stuck on the MEC team of 4 people, against and SEAL team of 7... Well, we ALMOST won, as most of the SEALs were more interested in kills than flag caps. However, the next map is where the story really starts.

The next map is the one with the big rocket in the center, I forget the name as I never play it, but it's Spetznaz vs Rebels. I'm on Rebels from the start, and an entire round goes by (which we BARELY won) and I realize we have no commander. I apply for the job the next round, and we won much easier than before with support from UAV, Arty, etc. On the third round, however, the Spetznaz got smart and started destroying my assets: the arty, the radar trailers, etc. Now, I was on the other side of the map doing the same thing to them, so I call for an engineer. Granted, my entire team has been deathly silent this entire game. I give orders, I get no response or they deny them. Not once has anyone requested arty or supplies, I just use my scan and what crappy intuition I have to judge when it's necessary myself. However, with my assets gone, I can only do supply drops. I call for engineers to repair the stuff as I'm on the other side of the map, but to no avail.

After about 5-10 minutes of no assets and me just replenishing C4 with my supply drops and tearing their base and vehicles apart, I suicide and respawn as an engineer. I go to repair the stuff, only to be annihillated by a guy who was camping the trailer. I chose to respawn at the home base so I'm closer to those repairs, when I notice my ENTIRE team is camped inside that base. They're not trying to cap, they're not trying to repair, they're just waiting for people to try to take our last flag and picking them off if they can (which, as the kill:death ratio showed they were pretty much sucking at it) I finally got fed up and asked why no one was leaving the base or trying to help repair the assets, again, no answer. About 2 minutes later a mutiny vote is called, and since only 4 votes were necessary, it passes.

Now honestly, I didn't care right away, because I was fed up trying to be a commander of these morons... but I saw that no one took up the spot. Not even the guy that called the vote. I waited just a little longer, and amazed at the events that had transpired, I ask if anyone's going to be a commander. Finally someone responds:

"If we wanted a commander we wouldn't have mutinied"

I've never been so amazed at the depths of human stupidity in my life. The enemy commander started shelling our spawn, you know, the place everyone was camping... and got them every time.

We lost that round by a 40 point spread.