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  • Written By: aveator
  • Submitted: Apr 30, 2006 at 4:02 pm
  • n00b's Name: unclansilentkill
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 25
  • Score: 5.32
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After much debating I finnaly decided to post a chat log of me and a rather new member.

[14:16] unclansilentkill: yo u play comand and conqur rengade?
[14:39] unclanaveator: Yeah why?
[14:39] unclansilentkill: i play 2
[14:39] unclanaveator: sweet
[14:39] unclansilentkill: did u beat the game?
[14:39] unclanaveator: Yes
[14:39] unclansilentkill: lol
[14:39] unclansilentkill: i havnt
[14:39] unclanaveator: lol
[14:39] unclansilentkill: im stuck
[14:40] unclansilentkill: im in the nod temple

[14:40] unclanaveator: Yeah, its tricky
[14:40] unclansilentkill: i kno
[14:40] unclansilentkill: its soo kool
[14:40] unclanaveator: I went threw the game on commado
[14:40] unclansilentkill: i can see kane on my map
[14:40] unclanaveator: Are you any good
[14:40] unclanaveator: ?
[14:40] unclansilentkill: yep
[14:41] unclansilentkill: i lovew that mamoth tank
[14:41] unclanaveator: What server do you play on?
[14:41] unclansilentkill: i dont play online
[14:41] unclansilentkill: do u have to pay?
[14:41] unclanaveator: lol!

[14:41] unclanaveator: NO!
[14:41] unclanaveator: Why did you think that?
[14:41] unclansilentkill: then how do u play?
[14:41] unclansilentkill: cause i htough u had to get spy somehting
[14:41] unclanaveator: ...
[14:42] unclansilentkill: lol
[14:42] unclanaveator: Go to gamespy.com/ its like idk
[14:42] unclanaveator: its a way to play online
[14:42] unclansilentkill: ohhhh
[14:42] unclansilentkill: is there a free way?
[14:42] unclanaveator: Gamespy
[14:42] unclanaveator: lol
[14:42] unclanaveator: and through westwood online
[14:42] unclansilentkill: thast the only way?
[14:42] unclanaveator: Theres 2 ways bud
[14:43] unclansilentkill: kk
[14:43] unclanaveator: Start the game up go through westwood online or through gamespy, both are free
[14:43] unclansilentkill: whast ur fave guy?
[14:43] unclansilentkill: i love being havoc in practise multiplayer
[14:43] unclanaveator: lol

[14:43] unclansilentkill: lol
[14:43] unclansilentkill: and the stealth tank is great 2
[14:43] unclanaveator: sad thing is your serious right?
[14:44] unclansilentkill: yep
[14:44] unclanaveator: Well its been free since the game came out(multiplayer)
[14:44] unclansilentkill: lol
[14:44] unclansilentkill: kool
[14:44] unclansilentkill: i also have the redalet games
[14:44] unclansilentkill: and c&c fire storm
[14:45] unclansilentkill: i love west wood games
[14:45] unclanaveator: You know westwood doesnt exist right?
[14:45] unclansilentkill: yep
[14:45] unclansilentkill: i kno
[14:45] unclanaveator: Just checking
[14:45] unclansilentkill: what they dont?
[14:46] unclansilentkill: THEY DONT?
[14:46] unclansilentkill: well

[14:46] unclansilentkill: i have to go to the beach now
[14:46] unclansilentkill: im on vacation
[14:46] unclansilentkill: cya
[14:46] unclanaveator: Late
[14:47] unclansilentkill: thanks for the tips
[14:47] unclanaveator: Maybe ill teach you to play renagade some time
[14:47] unclansilentkill: kk
[14:47] unclansilentkill: thks
[14:47] unclanaveator: Online fore FREE
[14:47] unclansilentkill: kk
[14:47] unclansilentkill: lol
[14:47] unclanaveator: lol
[14:47] unclanaveator: late
[14:47] unclansilentkill: cya

I found this rather funny and laughed in his face.