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  • Written By: Jake
  • Submitted: Apr 28, 2006 at 8:13 pm
  • n00b's Name: Nintendo
  • Game: Real Life
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Nintendo has officially shot themselves in the foot.


Please note that the following is my opinion.

..."Wii"? (Pronounced "Wee".)
Many people have chosen to remain calling it the "Revolution", which is a pretty good idea, but nevertheless, the majority seems to think this is a turn in the wrong direction for Nintendo.

A quote from the above article contains the thoughts of an unnamed industry analyst:
" 'Nintendo let the code name gain a little too much currency: people were used to it, and it was widely accepted as the console's name. Now they have a stupid-sounding manufactured name that probably wouldn't have tested well with English speakers if they'd bothered doing any market research,' the analyst said. 'And they're going to try to use it to replace an evocative, well-accepted name that people have been using for well over a year. Bad, stupid move.' "

That first sentence is pretty much exactly what I thought about it. They took possibly the best name they had thought of for a system yet (The article states that the original codename for the GameCube was the "Dolphin"... point made.) and replaced it with... crap. It's like hiding the rotting carcass of a giraffe under a brilliant, shining cloak and telling people to buy it.

In spite of my wonderful analogies, some people think it's a good name. It'll probably catch on after a while, sure-- well, never mind that. I don't think I could ever get used to inviting someone over to play with my "Wii".

I thought this was forum-worthy too at first, but... I, for one, now consider Nintendo in its entirety a n00b.