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  • Written By: XtremePro
  • Submitted: Apr 27, 2006 at 2:50 am
  • n00b's Name: [RESF]ToXiC
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 49
  • Score: 9.35
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As many of you know I have been in a few different clans as of late. Well, I joined SOS again because I like the leader Drunk. I quit RESF because I thought ToXiC was a newb in the first place. So he claims he owns me, and that I suck. So as many of you prob already know I challenge him to 1v1. He accepts.

Before I go any further I'd like to post some screenshots of a few days ago when I was in RESF... Playing with ToXiC for fun.

ToXiC asking me what cheats I use.

ToXiC saying I use Big Head.

Myself telling him to meet me infront of the bar so I can take a screenshot for him.

And the screenshot.

Yes he was winning the game, but I wasn't able to use PTs the hole game. The server was fucked, all I was able to do was use a shooter.

Now for today's event:
First some before game screenshots:

Read the top half of that one, him talking shit about whooping my ass.

Now for the in game story.

It's 1v1, I am GDI and he is NOD on Islands. He picked the server and it had mods on it, but i figure wtf I can still beat him even if im not used to playing with spawn weapons and shit. We start out with $350 and I grab tech and rush his base. Throw all my stuff on his strip and blow myself up... I spawn in ref, but I see the WF door open so I know he is there. I run through a few mines, swich out to Hotty. He blows his two remotes, so I dont even fuck with getting the timed off, I just repair it up 3 bars. Here is what he says:


A SS of him bitching about lag

After I took this he ran into tunnels and blew himself up. So I rushed his base with hummer, ion, hotty.

I lay my ion on his ref because I see him mining back of hand. Here is what he says:

Him saying he wont play cause I cheat.

Here is a SS of game after he leaves:

So basically he called me a cheater and left when I had his ref with ion, hummer, hotty. He had no strip, I had all my buildings.

Now for the GameSpy Arcade Chat Log:

After the game he messages me with this:

He claims he got kicked - HAHA... I think the other screenshots prove otherwise.

Now he is still claiming I cheat.

Him saying he is going to mute me now.

Now he is changing his story asking for a rematch.

Well I am gonna go play him in this rematch. There may be a part two of this story.