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  • Written By: EvlDr4g0n
  • Submitted: Apr 25, 2006 at 2:56 pm
  • n00b's Name: o0l4ool1i
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 26
  • Score: 8.81
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(this was copied from the console of our test server)

Player o0l4ool1i joined the game
msg can I ask one thing.. Why is it good to play in a 1p server?
o0l4ool1i: why have it?
msg mod testing..
o0l4ool1i: ?
msg I usually test my mods here.. that's why I have this server
o0l4ool1i: i think the only mods you have are the ones straight up your ass.
Host: o0l4ool1i (GDI Engineer) has killed a Nod Harvester
msg !mods
msg type that
Host: [CNCREBot] Mods installed: Mutant Hijacker, more fair team remixes, music, gameover sounds, some commands work extremely fast,
Host: [CNCREBot] Obelisk charge fix, vehicle stealing detection, !tup and !stuck commands for when you're stucked, "about to join" messages and some minor others.
Host: [CNCREBot] We (StealtEye and EvlDr4g0n) are still developing more... Ideas are always welcome. :)
o0l4ool1i: !mods
o0l4ool1i: you from the uk?
msg netherlands
o0l4ool1i: cold there?
msg yes..
o0l4ool1i: to tell ya the truth..
o0l4ool1i: i usually join servers that the hosts arent in
o0l4ool1i: because i test my mods to
o0l4ool1i: i need time to fuck them up
o0l4ool1i: it takes like 1 hour.
msg ??
o0l4ool1i: i install my shit on thier servers
o0l4ool1i: without them ever knowing
o0l4ool1i: ..
o0l4ool1i: then i spy.
o0l4ool1i: and hax
o0l4ool1i: lol
o0l4ool1i: i needed more time
o0l4ool1i: to fuck you..
o0l4ool1i: but i can figure out another way'
msg yeah right.
o0l4ool1i: lol ...ok
o0l4ool1i: you know what a ip spoofer is?
msg yes
o0l4ool1i: oh you do..

And then he left :( It was just getting funnier by the minute ;) .
This is a while ago, when our mods & servers where still called CNCRE. The name now is BlackIntel (http://beam.to/blackintel)