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  • Written By: triggerhappypilot
  • Submitted: Apr 24, 2006 at 7:45 pm
  • n00b's Name: FEAF:hellbird
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 12
  • Score: 9.17
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This story takes place partly in real life, partly in a game called heroes of the pacific.
the game is flight arcade, like crimson skies. This is also my first story.

Anyway, The trouble begins to brew months before I even register at the Heroes official forums.
He Says that the yak is a Noob plane, and that anyone who flys it is a noob.
The yak is actually not a stellar plane, And I could beat one with one hand tied behind my back.
This doesn't classify him as a n00b,but it does make him a whiny idiot.
(I don't know if the above link works,but the description is pretty accurate.)

A few months later, A clan called The Tempest Union is formed.
Before that, This guy had posted a thread saying that his clan,
the Free Erusian Air Force (FEAF from now on) was the only clan on the PS2.
One of us responded that he was forgetting TTU.

We taunted them asking for a fight. they said they only operated on PS2.
I posted on last taunt, telling them that they sucked.
apparently this guy can't take an insult,And when he psted it on his site, he modified the name he was quoting.
This doesn't particularly make him a n00b, but it helps.

Later, He posted on our boards, Asking for a fight. we told him our PS2 wing wasn't ready.
After about a month, Ciel, the clan leader Banned him, because he posted too much junk on our boards.

What Really makes him a n00b is that the next day, he re-registered under a different name.
and by different I mean he only added one word. But that's not all, He contests our victory and says we won't count it,
for a number of stupid Reasons. this time, I Increase his warn to 100%.
I'm a moderator at our boards, but I can't ban him sincce I'm not a global moderator.

Here are links to all the sites.

(note: you will need to register at the FEAF site because he closed his forum to guests after he thought we were spying on him.
another n00b action.)