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  • Written By: Pr0SEAL
  • Submitted: Apr 24, 2006 at 2:51 am
  • n00b's Name: Chobie
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 24
  • Score: 7.54
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I believe this is his name.

Game: Its not Real Life, the options don't have this game in the listings.
The game is Maplestory.

Description: A Medevil/Modern mix of times in various different themes of civilization. Forest, Mountains, Cities, and so on... You are a person who is in a class of your choice (Bowman, Warrior, Theif, and Mage) These titles have ranges of jobs and levels, so to make it simple I'll get to the point and give you a background.

www.mapleglobal.com for further info

I am a Warrior, a Page. "A Knight in training" So after selling some stuff and completing a quest, I decided to finish off the day by killing some monsters in the dungeon. Now this dungeon is big, and there are levels and arrangements of monsters. The deeper you go, the harder it gets, but the stronger you are the better chances you will get exp/leveling. The Ant Tunnel is a decent point in my time of leveling, so I begain killing some monsters in there. No they are not ants, but mushrooms. Not just any mushrooms a higher order of baddies, "Zombie Mushrooms" and the lesser "Blue Horned Mushrooms". Sounds silly, but its all about exp and the further you go the better the game gets. Like werewolves :O

So I reach about halfway in the level "Ant Tunnel 1", then headed toward the end part where most the monsters were at. Mean while the n00b was training at the end stage of the first zone. He was a Mage and he decide to do a trade request with me, trying to sell something. The item he tried to sell me was availiable at the store, in this game some stuff is ok (As of the store in Perion*take note*). The rest , however, isn't really worth wasting your hard earned money on (you get by killing baddies). He offer me a top shirt, which was like level 30, I am at 31 and was planning to rest it at 90% (do the rest tommorrow). The stats on it are not impressive (the item), but he insists they are. I just show him the real reason I didn't want to even bother talking to him. I showed him in the trade, my "to be armor". Its a level 35 Dark Crusader Chainmail. It carries 3x the stats on weapon defense, and carries a extra Magic Defense. Good to have against all kinds of magical creatures. Like witches or something. Plus it came with Strength +3 (which increases your damage rates just by wearing the armor), also had a small hp boost. And get this, 10 availiable upgrades (meaning add ons, to improve the armor. Which for level 35 or even the whole game is "God Like".)

And I am not finish this armor is ultra rare, not often around, hard to get.

Now after this massive description, which I did not inform 100% (just a simple polite way) to the n00b. He says its "overall". This means top + bottom together, a one piece. I said so. And he called me a "dumbass" and left the level. I chased his ass down only to find he ran off 4 levels down, and change the channel (different hosting you could say all within one server) and he back-tracked 4 levels to where we started. Meanwhile I had "the chat" with him in the whisper mode.

I said to him, prove to me what is better. So what if its an overall wear, Top/Bottom pieces suck. True you do carry 7 upgrades "usually" for the two, but the stats aren't nearly as good. And in order to use the upgrade properly you would rather use something "in a life time worth" Because scrolls which make this happens come in 10% success rate 60% and 100%. Half suck and Half are Ok, and few are damn well "wth" I want that kinda of crap. 3/4 of them are "expensive" no matter if they suck. Oh and if the scroll fails, the upgrades drops 1 no matter if passed or not. 100% best choice. [500,000 mesos or higher normally]

So basically after arguing with him on the scrolls and the outfits. (Why? Because he kept saying his crap was better) He just went off topic and told me to stfu. Once I got to him I defamed his ass (This doesn't help your status with Npcs/Quests Options [meaning you can not play this or that.]) and I made him die by the monsters. Too bad I couldn't kill him, this game only has it you vs the monsters. Ksing does happen. Mages are mostly the ones responsible, most don't care.

He was distracted by my arguement that a Zombie Mushroom knocked him off the ladder and he fell into a mass of them. Mages are the weakest and will die quick on brute force. So by the time he said "fuck!" literally, he was a goner. By dying you lose exp, a good amount. He was so pissed after that he spoke in his n00b native tongue and left the game. I blocked him out, and avoided him from defaming me just in case.

First Maplestory I've seen, hope you guys understand the game somewhat.