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  • Written By: jacko da c
  • Submitted: Apr 16, 2006 at 4:06 pm
  • n00b's Name: nice girls and not so nice girls
  • Game: Real Life
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Alright I've put off this story long enough. As I have in past stories, I give you all permission to laugh at me. To start off you need to know some personal information about me (it's funny story so I don't mind explaining it). I'm not all that popular, mainly because I was crucified as being stupid in elementary school (though I am now on the Maine All-Star math team) and for being fat (which I am a little chubby). That negative reputation just switched over to being a stalker, which is funny because I'm the type of kid that sits at home on friday nights watching NUMB3RS, monk, and house. But that's the point of the story.

Alright that's enough self-pity. Now on to the actual story. It's not like I have no friends, I have several from math team (nerds) and our robotics team (nerds again). There are several girls on both, (and they are actually pretty). One of which I sit next to in History. She's quite nice and pretty, but we are just friends. She decided to extend an invitation to someone else's house for a "chem-free" party that was supposedly an open-invite. Since the person who was hosting it is a good friend of this girl, I decided to go to break my boring friday evening ritual and go to it. So I talk to the person who is hosting, who also happens to be a girl on both the math team and robotics team, and got the scoop. Several people over heard me, but no one seemed to think anything of it. Well, at least they didn't say anything to my face, which no one does. So I go home.

I had made some cookie batter to cook for the party (if I am popular for one thing at my school, its for my cooking), but I had forgotton that the coil in our oven exploded the previous night (the third household appliance that we've had blow up, behind a microwave and washing machine of all things), so I stashed the batter in the fridge to make at a later date, went up to the computer, and logged on to AIM. I tell the host of the pary about this cookie escapade, and she responds with the cliche "lol". I then get that little window "so and so has sent you a message. will you respond, ignore, warn, block". The screename was "ballsie" (I kid you not). I was so pissed at the end of this conversation that I forgot to save it, but here is essentially the dialogue that took place with no exxaggeration.

ballsie: hi
Jack Conway 7: hi...
ballsie: i don't think it's a good idea for you to go to maddie's party
Jack Conway 7: ok... why not?
ballsie: I'd rather not say...
Jack Conway 7: ok... who is this?
ballsie: Just an anonymous good samarian
ballsie: *samaritan
ballsie: or however the hell it's spelled
Jack Conway 7:...

At this point I think it one of a few friends I talked too who were going to attend the party, so I decided to go along with it... which was a big mistake because I would not be able to speak my mind before she blocked me.

ballsie: so are you going?
Jack Conway 7: uh well my parents weren't too crazy about the idea [ lie ]
Jack Conway 7: so no
ballsie: ok good

And here is where things take a turn for the worse...

ballsie: Please don't stalk me
Jack Conway 7: ? what the hell is that supposed to mean?
ballsie: Just that people think you seem kinda stalkerish
Jack Conway 7: wtf
Jack Conway 7: you imed me
Jack Conway 7: you won't tell me who you are yet you somehow got my sn

Ok so now I am quite pissed. I don't take too kindly to people calling me a stalker. I've gotten used to fat ass, and when people call me stupid I just laugh because it's flat out wrong. But I try to be really nice to most people, but usually it just annoys people. I'm ok with that, but being called a stalker bugs me. So its about 4:30 in the afternoon, and I turn to the only other person logged on at the same time, who also happens to be this really annoying girl two grades below me who wears black spandex to school. I was laughing so hard at the end that I actually did save this conversation. Here is a cut and paste from the document I saved it in:

Jack Conway 7: rachel can i ask you a question?
bookworm5027: rach please and yes
Jack Conway 7: ok i don't mind rach over im, its just in real life it sounds like wretch to me
bookworm5027: oh thanks
Jack Conway 7: das why i call you rachael
bookworm5027: just basically anything but rachel
Jack Conway 7: but anyways
Jack Conway 7: watever
bookworm5027: like ros or camilla...
bookworm5027: anything else
Jack Conway 7: k bookworm
bookworm5027: anyways is not a word
bookworm5027: kk
bookworm5027: go ahead
Jack Conway 7: do you know a ballsie?
Jack Conway 7: as a sn?
bookworm5027: ummm, no
Jack Conway 7: hmmm
bookworm5027: why ask me?
Jack Conway 7: ok thanks
Jack Conway 7: considering who is on my buddy list...
Jack Conway 7: your one of the best ppl
bookworm5027: hahahahahaa
Jack Conway 7: cause ur in a lower grade
bookworm5027: thanks...
Jack Conway 7: no offense
Jack Conway 7: i don't mean ur stupid
bookworm5027: no, honored
bookworm5027: haha
bookworm5027: w/e
Jack Conway 7: i just mean that you know more ppl that are younger than me
bookworm5027: I'll ask if youawnt
bookworm5027: *want
Jack Conway 7: ask who that sn is?
bookworm5027: yeah
bookworm5027: ask them
Jack Conway 7: no ask other ppl
Jack Conway 7: well...
Jack Conway 7: no one would figure out the connection between us
bookworm5027: hahahaha
bookworm5027: you care too much abotu your image
Jack Conway 7: that's cause it always can go downhill very easily
Jack Conway 7: you haven't known me long enough to understand
Jack Conway 7: but they told me not to go to maddie sheehan's tonight, which i was alright with because it was originally meg that invited me
Jack Conway 7: but then they accused me of being a stalker so now im pissed off
bookworm5027: whose they?
Jack Conway 7: and tho this kind of proves their point
Jack Conway 7: ballsie
Jack Conway 7: i'd kind of like to know who this person is
bookworm5027: I'd kind of not like to tell you
Jack Conway 7: o you know?
bookworm5027: perhaps...
Jack Conway 7: ok now im a little creeped out myself
bookworm5027: you should leave
Jack Conway 7: leave what?
bookworm5027: and never talk to me or them again
Jack Conway 7: im at my house
bookworm5027: yeah, leave IM
Jack Conway 7: ...
Jack Conway 7: are you joking with me or are you serious?
Jack Conway 7: because i'd like to know what kind of reputation i have
bookworm5027: annoying asshole?
Jack Conway 7: exactly
Jack Conway 7: thats what i thought
Jack Conway 7: stalker was far from what i thought
bookworm5027: so leave ballsie alone
bookworm5027: really
bookworm5027: are you really religious?
Jack Conway 7: yeah
Jack Conway 7: what does that have to do with anything?
bookworm5027: just wondering
bookworm5027: I'm a Druid
Jack Conway 7: ok...
Jack Conway 7: what is that?
bookworm5027: worships the goddess...
Jack Conway 7: ...and why are you changing the subject?
Jack Conway 7: and if ballsie is logged on right now they blocked me
bookworm5027: because supposedly you hate people that hate god
bookworm5027: just hoping...
Jack Conway 7: wtf?
Jack Conway 7: supposedly i hate ppl that hate god?
bookworm5027: yeah
bookworm5027: bye
Jack Conway 7: hates god or doesn't believe in him?
bookworm5027 signed off

At this point I'm a mixture of laughing my ass off and still pissed at this ballsie. And a few other people have signed off. I ask another girl, who luckily is very nice, but is not on math team or robotics so I didn't know if she would know who this ballsie is. I send her that dialogue above and explained why I'm pissed at ballsie. I wasn't mad at bookworm though, because I knew that she is actually that neurotic. She said "Jack that's so horrible what they did to you! It's not funny, and at this point I have lost all respect for bookworm and ballsie". She found out who this ballsie is, but I didn't completely recognize the name. I had heard it before, but I couldn't think of the face that went with the name. O how ignorance is bliss, as I yanked out a yearbook and found out who it was. It just so happened that she was the biggest slut in the entire school, with a face to suit it. And she also happened to be in the crowd with the host and the girl who invited me.

So I went to school that Monday and in History explained to my friend why I didn't go. When she inquired who it was, I told her. She said "Oh that's just so-and-so being crazy. You shouldn't have listened to her. You should have come."

But I learned my lesson, and when a few weeks later she invited to me to someone else's birthday party, I politely said I would go if the hosts invited me. They didn't, but I made them a loaf of my school famous pumpkin bread nonetheless.