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  • Written By: Pr0SEAL
  • Submitted: Apr 6, 2006 at 3:58 pm
  • n00b's Name: Nile Dwellers Next Door Part 2
  • Game: Real Life
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  • Score: 8.48
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After the last story I left off something around backyard issues and harassment. At the start in December of 05, we (my family and I) were finally building the second floor we always dreamed of. Since that time and now, I got one hell of a skin tone. -_- Anyway our dream was coming up before our eyes, my Father and me were building away, knee walls to floor joices, and studs to jacks, from windows to rafters, you name it.

Meanwhile the people who tried to stop us from building, who we recently discovered among the time of December, they made 50 + calls to code enforcement, when everything was legal. (Code enforcement told them to stfu) They bitched on our pool, our driveway (which I'll get to that further in the story), the upstairs, and yes even our motor-home. Repeatedly, might I add.

Last story was something around a missing middle finger as a sign of the "fu". Now its just the dirty look like I'm a bastard. His sons who are adults , however, do use the middle finger real quick now and then. The irony is it gets to them more than ever. Best thing we do is avoid contact of them and just build our dream.

So once around the time of March 06, our driveway is finished. First we bust out the old one, cut and deroot some crappy trees. Then poured (after forming of course) our circuliar driveway. Its two driveways that go straight up on each end of the house, one go up and connects to our garage, the other reaches the side of the house for our motor-home. Which connects in a oval curve from each strip. Motor-home was not only in a good spot, but it blocks our those jerks next door. Who just died, because they always wanted to see us. Not only did they call on it. They tried putting foam board on there fence where each of the motor-home's windows were located. And not just that, a hook/plant with a mirror in it to reflect back at our window. We took pictures of this as harassment for the case. Not only this, (just to point out if I didn't in the last story) but these people filed a lawsuit on us for some bullshit that he was responsible for.

I am not allowed to go into details, but I'll say this. What he tried to pull doing it back fired, as he is up in elbows with bills and we have solid proof that will no doubt make his attorneys drop the case. Lets just say he is a hands on kind of guy. ;D

Now why is it I even started this story? Because today of all days, they are moving.

I guess they couldn't take our house getting better and better by the day and their's crappier. My room upstairs is almost done, all the walls are up. I am happy. I'll send a picture of my home when its finished.