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n00bfile #6570
  • Written By: finewth69
  • Submitted: Mar 28, 2006 at 3:17 pm
  • n00b's Name: blake5015
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 20
  • Score: 8.30
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Ok I was playing on the St0rm server and was doing fairly well. THe map was under. It was the beggining of the game so i bought an SBH and went to attack the GDI Harv. I got close to blowing it up but didnt scince the st0rm server has a fast harv and 1000 credits harv mod on. This makes the harv go faster and give 1000 credits, so its really good if u destroy it. Now scince the harv went back to gdi base i went back to mine to refill and attack it again (i am still an SBH). When i get back the harv is leaving , fast harv. So i was heading back to my base again when i saw a mammy come to attack my base. When i saw this i wanted to put a timed c4 on it then attack it maybe even destroy it. But the funny part was that the driver got out to repair the mammy for one sec....so i stole it :p.

[16:55:39] Host: (St0rmServ): Respect the rules and Moderators.
[16:56:24] Host: (St0rmServ): Welcome to the St0rm Gaming Renegade Server.
[16:56:54] redfox067: HE GOT MY MAMMY
[16:56:59] Host: (St0rmServ): Playing MP3 file Sneak Attack - Next MP3 in 3mins 54secs
[16:57:01] finewth69: lol
[16:57:04] [Team] targab: nice
[16:57:09] Host: (St0rmServ): Welcome to the St0rm Gaming Renegade Server.
[16:57:11] targab: lol
[16:57:22] redfox067: HE STOLE my mamy
[16:57:29] finewth69: hey nod look at my pimped ride
[16:57:47] [Team] finewth69: guys look at my pimped ride
[16:57:48] [Team] dragdar6: apc inc
[16:57:54] Host: (St0rmServ): Please join us on IRC @ IRC.St0rmGaming.com #St0rm1 and #St0rm2
[16:57:55] [Private] Host: Your vehicle has been bound to you. Any vehicle you previously had bound has been unbound.

Ok, now anyone that has stole a GDI mammy when ur on NOD knows that not only is it hard but it is so rare. BUt i got one, yay me. So i start attacking arournd with the mammy a bit and get a little bored of it so i park it in a corner and bind it with
!bind instead of !bl. Now i didnt know that if u !bind people can still get in ur tank so that was my mistake. But wat this n00b does is so stupid. blake5015 takes my tank drives it in the middle of the tiberium field and starts attacking OUR Harvestor. :|. Then while he was attacking OUR harv he starts gettin attacked by mammys and meds and blows up my mammy. What a noob.

[17:08:33] [Private] Host: Warning! blake5015 has entered your bound vehicle. If you wish to remove them type !vkick in teamchat.
[17:08:34] Host: Crate: Enjoy those 321 points from the crate god, GDI.
[17:08:35] redfox067: wilo brought helis
[17:08:43] clompdoo2: nice !!!!
[17:08:48] resuto11: stop beig ga
[17:08:51] [Team] finewth69: blake out now
[17:08:56] clompdoo2: lol
[17:08:57] redfox067: it was hilarious
[17:09:01] [Team] finewth69: !vkick blake gta
[17:09:05] [Team] targab: hand
[17:09:09] Host: (St0rmServ): This server is the AOW Server.
[17:09:12] finewth69: nods blake is in my tank
[17:09:15] finewth69: eject plz
[17:09:24] finewth69: hurry
[17:09:28] Host: (St0rmServ): This server is running St0rmServ regulator. Created by aca20031 and inspiried by the St0rmNet Commuinity at www.st0rmgaming.com [Private Regulator].
[17:09:30] [Private] Host: You cannot use this command as you are not the driver of this vehicle.
[17:09:31] resuto11: !login
[17:09:31] Host: (St0rmServ): resuto11 has been logged in as a St0rmServ Half Moderator [Flags: HkKbBIpteaz]
[17:09:34] [Private] Host: Your bound vehicle has been destroyed.
[17:09:37] resuto11: !eject blake noob
[17:09:38] Host: (St0rmServ): blake5015 has been ejected from all vehicles.
[17:09:41] finewth69: kick him
[17:09:44] resuto11: no
[17:09:50] finewth69: because of him we lost a mammy
[17:09:51] resuto11: did he get back in?
[17:09:54] Host: (St0rmServ): This server is the AOW Server.
[17:09:56] [Team] targab: !bl
[17:09:57] Host: (St0rmServ): General Rules: ~No Base to Base~ ~Hill Camping IS Not Allowed~ ~Repect the Mods and Owner~ ~No Cheating~ ~No Tank Theft~ ~No Exploiting Glitches~ ~No Beacon Spamming~ ~Speak English Only~ ~Go Easy on the Caps~
[17:10:04] clompdoo2: me again
[17:10:07] resuto11: !warn blake DONT GTA U NOOB NEXT KICK
[17:10:07] Host: (St0rmServ): blake5015 has been warned by resuto11 for: DONT GTA U NOOB NEXT KICK [Warn 1 of 3]
[17:10:08] finewth69: he took my mammy drove it then destroyed it
[17:10:17] resuto11: im sry
[17:10:19] resuto11: !logout
[17:10:19] Host: (St0rmServ): resuto11 has been logged out as a St0rmServ Half Moderator
[17:10:26] resuto11: warns are before kicks
[17:10:28] finewth69: i stole that mammy too
[17:10:32] resuto11: sry man

I got really pissed that game and still cant let it go.

[17:11:51] finewth69: !setjoin blake5015 is a noob
[17:11:51] Host: (St0rmServ): Your join message has been set, finewth69

Dam u Blake.