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  • Written By: yetieater
  • Submitted: Mar 25, 2006 at 7:38 pm
  • n00b's Name: EliteBlackOps
  • Game: Battlefield 2
  • Votes: 15
  • Score: 7.20
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Map: Zatar Wetlands
Max Players: 64
Players Playing: 60
Team: USMC

This happened quite awhile ago, so some details may have been skipped on accident.

Well now, the n00b here is EliteBlackOps. Our team was beating the enemy, with the help of a sort of 'elite' clan that played on the server (the '+' clan). EliteBlackOps begins to kill buddies shortly after the game starts. He follows along with a squad or team, and begins to TK. Eventually, we noticed that no, the TKing was not on accident (Image 2)

We began to start kickvotes against him (Image 1), though those never seem to work. Some of us tried reasoning with him, asking him why he was TKing and if he would mind stopping. In return he said this as an excuse: 'i ant i h8 all pluses' (Image 1)

He continued to TK, and just before the game ends he finally quit, with a 'splendid' score (Image 2)

Image 1: www.n00bstories.com/image.view.php?id=1100698566
Image 2: www.n00bstories.com/image.view.php?id=1347380614