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  • Written By: king15060
  • Submitted: Mar 24, 2006 at 7:15 pm
  • n00b's Name: Escapades.
  • Game: Real Life
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This is not really a typical of an n00bstory because in am exempting the rule that there really has to be an n00b in stories, no this in actually a couple short, hopefully funny escapades. These happened awhile ago and I was too tired to write it.

Area of Operations - Sugarloaf, USA, Maine.
Main activity – Skiing.

For the first night this Nova Scotia (Me) planned to with the assistance of my neighbor (who came to) to execute something special. The idea? Run around the corner of the condo and jump up one and a half feet on to the top of a small wall and down three feet into the outdoor hot tub area. My neighbor would hold my portable speakers and I would dance retro to the Y.M.C.A. song (complete with pelvis thrusts) in front of my other neighbor. (And others.)

So I run around the corner as planned, I slip on ice as I step up, causing me to knock the wind out of my self and partially crack a rib (not found out in until later) I fall back onto the ice kneeing the concrete wall and lay there as everyone stares with that "WTF?" look.
My neighbor was just laughing at me, so after a minute I crawled away. It was probably one of the most lamest/funniest things ever though.

Skiing on the hill-
I only had a few minor things here, one I has going down Narrow Gauge a black
diamond and an eight year old hit me head on when I stopped, it wouldn’t have
been that bad I even semi caught him but the crying and the look from the parent.

Second I was going through the trees on a well used un-official "Ice" path and hit
a tree on the last run when my legs were feeling sluggish and barely responded.

Area of Operations- Prospect, Nova Scotia.
Main Activity- Irish Party

Half of my family is from Ireland so naturally we are the ones to host a Irish party each year. This is basically tales of drunken people.

I shall change names here for people’s sake but here is the first person, Rick. He came up to me beer bottle in hand and told me to follow him, he seemed perplexed. We made it to where he wanted to be, the china shelf. He took a drink and put his beer bottle down. He pulled over a chair and stepped up, reached to his maximum extent and grabbed a candle our of the candle holder as I was prepared to catch either the china or him. After about three minutes of staring at it he turn is upside down spilling wax and asks me if it was indeed a real candle.

Next would have to be Johnny who constantly asked me if I had any smokes and we had to kick out at 4:00 in the morning and since three had been yelling at Rick at the top of his lungs calling him a coward and f**ker saying he stole his smokes. (I don’t smoke and can not even legally buy them.)

The final one and the one that takes the cake would have to be the unknown. I did not know his name but at twelve he was drunk. (by the way only like 20 out of 80 were like this) He opened the door to the computer room where I has checking n00bstories and my E-mail. I closed n00bstories because I didn’t was to explain what it was. He asked me if I was looking at porn and even after my reply of no he announced, "Hey Paddy is lookin at porn!" to 30+ people. That was mortifying.