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  • Written By: n00body
  • Submitted: Mar 19, 2006 at 11:33 am
  • n00b's Name: ninjahh
  • Game: Renegade (Command and Conquer)
  • Votes: 38
  • Score: 3.13
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not sure if its the n00bs name but im pretty sure, anyways i went to some server earlier something like st0rmserver 64 players or something, and were playing on under and such, and hes sniping and im sniping so after killn a few people i see him doing the newb side walking dance real fast back and forth so i jump up and hit him in the head, what does he do you ask? he goes BULLSHIT, NO WAY, i respond with a yes way and its just a game dont be 1 of them newbs who cries when he dies, so he starts talkn about how i must lag and hes gonna check my ping etc, (my pung was 73) he sees that and goes oh well i must be lagging then, anyways he finally shuts his trap for a bit, i go running thru tunnel and he shoots me and kill me, think he would continue playing? nope he goes 'OWNT!!' so i dont say nothing thinking hes just a kid itll help him sleep at night, then i go back into tunnel and kill him, and thats when he starts taking the same shit over 'YOUR LUCKY IM LAGGING and blahblah' so thats when i get annoyed with the brat and tell him to stfu quit crying when you die and quit talkn shit when u die, i see him stop to type and i kill him and go 'OMG OWNT OWNT OWNT OWNED YOU N00B' to see how annoying he must be in a self reflection, anyways thats when he gots I WANT HIM BANNED CAN I? CAN I? (as if talking to somebody on irc) i tell him aww newb mad hes a newb sniper who doesnt like players who are better then him? (i killed him like 6 times in 15 mins he killed me 2 times) thats when he starts talkn his newb lip 'your pathetic blahblah etc im sure you all know the cry when he dies bullshit, and then i get kicked/banned lol, P.S dont got snapshots he wasnt worth the effort just came here to let ya know what a n00b he is lol

im gonna change my ip and name and own him some more hopefully get snapshots if you guys want of him crying the same way lol