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  • Written By: chitoryu12
  • Submitted: Mar 15, 2006 at 1:00 am
  • n00b's Name: (TITAN_EX)STEEL(U) and others
  • Game: Real Life
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  • Score: 4.53
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I bring to you yet another Battlefront 2 n00b. This time, we have STEEL. (Please don't bash me for posting so many stories. I only care about making n00bs known to the world, not getting a lot of stories on my account).

The Heroes and Villains games are notorious for glitchers. STEEL was at first a copy of James, but he grew into a monster that only a duel could stop.

I caught STEEL, josh, and mansma-whatever glitching. Well, only the first two were. mansma-what's his name was failing miserably. STEEl and josh were inside one of the buildings outside the cantina, and everybody shouted to ban them. They simply scoffed at us.

I can be quite a vigilante at times, so I followed mansma-something around to keep him from glitching. According to STEEL, you enter the house by jumping. SO I found it suspicious that our n00bish friend was imitating a rabbit around their spot. I began force pushing him around, warning him not to cheat. His pathetic excuse was that he was just jumping around for no reason. Riiiiiight....

I started following him, but he stopped making attempts, so I stopped playing Spy. Instead, I restarted that game with STEEL. He knew a lot about glitches and hacks, as he instructed josh on the ways of the dark side. Cries for bans continued, along with automated messages warning about bans for glitching.

I started following STEEL after josh and mansma-jackoff left. He caught on to the fact that someone was trying to stop him, and pushed me into Low Earth Orbit, warning me to stop following him. I continued, and rather than play, he tried to lose me in the alleyways of Mos Eiesly. I stayed on his tail, and he tried hiding in a piece of wreckage. I jumped high, and shouted "Hi there!" as I landed 3 feet from his face, causing him to bolt.

He thought that he could lose me by switching to the other team so that I couldn't see his nametag floating above his head, but I had another trick up my black sleeves. I told the whole server to look for him and keep him from cheating. Sure enough, a General Grievous that I was watching in spectator view after death stopped right in front of a hiding Yoda. The Yoda had STEEL's name above his head.

The chase continued. He suddenly disappeared, and I had died again, when someone said "uhh, look at steel". He was looking at STEEL, floating above the city without using force powers. I gave the order to shoot him down, but the game ended.

In the next round, he continued, along with Aisu, who openly admitted to glitching. Ironically, STEEL pulled a John Kerry, saying at first that he was indeed glitching, then denying it. The server let out a cheer as Abyss piloted a remote rocket into STEEL's chest, and I decided to end the whole thing as STEEL continued to sneer. I challenged him to a duel.

It was hard just getting to the duel. Everyone continued to try and kill us as we travelled to the meeting spot, the cantina roof. We finally made it safely, but he wanted to hold it on the top of a tower next door. I agreed and said "Ready..... FIGHT!" before leaping to the top. I easily defeated his Anakin Skywalker as Aayla Secura, but he said that I started early, and demanded a rematch. Anyone could prove that he would have seen the message before the duel began, but I caved in.

Our next meeting spot would be behind the docking bay. I was hassaled by a bot, who took off 1/8 of my health before I cut him down. I had an epic duel with the n00b, but it was interuptted when two bots, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, arrived and saw me. Vader made a pitiful attempt to slice me up, while Boba's rocket whizzed by me. I finally killed STEEL, after everyone else had said that he was an excellent fighter without using cheats.

Alas, he would not accept defeat. He claimed that Fett shot him with a rocket during the duel, but I kept my eye on him the whole time. He stayed on his feet during the duel. He would not admit defeat, especially to someone not too good at saber fighting (we weren't using force powers). I reminded him that the bots were my problem, not him, and left after reminding him of his defeat three times, which he still refused to accept.