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  • Written By: chitoryu12
  • Submitted: Mar 14, 2006 at 2:45 pm
  • n00b's Name: Dylan
  • Game: Real Life
  • Votes: 18
  • Score: 4.56
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Good ol' Dylan. I met this ass at the beginning of 8th grade. He's a little under six feet tall (my height), tanned skin, dark, beady eyes, bad acne, and black hair in a mohawk. That's right, a mohawk.

Dylan is obsessed with making me the least popular person in the state of Florida. I'm a Republican, and he's as anti-Bush as possible. He took an instant dislike to me when I voiced my support of the war in Iraq, and the worst part is that he sits next to me in History.

He's started using the standard middle school "You're gay!" insults, but then he started making up some insane ones. He started calling me a robot who always says "Naaaa" when I speak. I started thinking "WTF is this guy on?"

It's also ironic that he calls ME weird. He has a variety of words and sounds he uses when he's happy, when he's angry, and when he doesn't want to use profanity in front of teachers. He first said "Bob Sagat!" rather than cursing, along with something else that I can't remember, but I believe had something to do with nuts. When he gets angry, he says "GOO!" and when he's happy/sexually excited he says "Hey-hoo!"

Try to imagine a guy with a mohawk doing all of this, and be afraid. Be very, very afraid.