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  • Written By: darkinstincts212
  • Submitted: Mar 14, 2006 at 1:42 pm
  • n00b's Name: sbf:: Budda
  • Game: Counter-strike and CS:S
  • Votes: 17
  • Score: 7.59
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Lol, so I have been playing in this server for about 2 months regularly now, and so i went in today and decided to play. I went in and asked the admin, "y dont u kick the bots? We have plenty of people here." I asked it nicely, politely, and i really didnt give a shit whether he did or not. I just wanted to put in a request.

So then he started bitching at me, saying, "go play in your own server! Dont come into our server and tell us what to do." All through this i remained calm, laughing at him to myself. Then my friend Anubis started yelling at him for being an ass, then after about 5 min. of arguing, Buddha told him to shut up. Two min. later, Anubis got banned. He said not one more word, not even a peep, and got banned from the server permanently.

I was still calm, asked the leader (who had just joined our team), if the fact that one of his trusted admins just banned a person who had followed the rules that he told him to do. Minerva said no.

Buddha kept on going about how he thought it was annoying how my clan has gone into his server before asking for things like map changes and kick bots, although we've never asked impolitely. He went on yelliing at me, and I just kept telling him, "Okay, man. Yeah, sure. Definately." He yelled at me "No, it isnt okay, you're still in my server!!!" And so my friend cobert just told him, the only way we'll leave now is to get banned.

The only banning that was deserved in that story, was the ma_banning of Budda.

The IP to this server is:
The leader is: Minerva
The noob is: Budda

Go check it out, see how fast you get banned after asking to kick some bots ;)