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  • Written By: Dr Lithius
  • Submitted: Mar 7, 2006 at 3:30 pm
  • n00b's Name: Medikiller
  • Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
  • Votes: 12
  • Score: 8.58
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Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Server: ECGNetwork.com 24/7 Beach(Friendly Fire, Stopwatch, automated administration/moderation server that plays Beach for eternity.)
n00b Name: Medikiller
Short Reasons: Sitting on my Timed Dynamite 'til it exploded, blocking me in narrow passageways, shooting at me for no real reason without healing me.
Number of Screenshots: 0
NOTICE: Most of this story is filler because there really isn't that much to it overall. Just read the Short Reasons list if you don't feel like listening to be ramble.

Alright, so... My copy of Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory decided to break for some reason or another, so while I was waiting for a new downloaded copy, I decided to play some RtCW Classic. The main differences between the two is that in RtCW, there is no Covert Ops class, no Mortar Launcher and a couple other weapons, no launching grenades with the rifles, and most importantly... No Experience system(which lets you gain more skills, equipment, and stats).
Anyhoo... I decided to hop on one of my old favorite servers once I found it: ECGNetwork.com 24/7 Beach. I like this particular server because it's a pretty good server to help you get back into the swing of things if you're out of practice. It's also just fun if you like playing the same map over and over and over.
Speaking of which, the map was Beach, as you may have guessed. Basically, Beach works like this. From the Allies perspective, you head up from the beachhead and blow up either the side entrance to the Axis fort or the right-hand wall. Preferably both. After that, you storm a three-story fortress only to go right back downstairs from the inside, hit the Command Room and pick up the War Documents, then climb all the way back up to the Axis Transmitter Room to transmit the War Documents to your commander. Axis, meanwhile, have the hectic task of guarding the fortress and keeping the documents from being stolen and transmitted. Not as easy as it sounds, mind you. Especially when playing on a server that has the "Respawn Limit" turned on.

Initially, I joined the Allies team due to their having less players, but after the Stopwatch round, I was on Axis. No problems there. The second Stopwatch round went smoothly, aside from the fact I was burning the crap out of my team mates because they didn't have the sense to LET THE GUY WITH THE FLAMETHROWER GET IN FRONT. I mean, Hell. At the very least, I could'a stopped the Allies from moving around much. No one wants a faceful of burning. Eventually, I got tired of inedvertedly teamkilling as I was and switched to a weapon I had a little more control over, the MP-40 Sub Machinegun. The round ended shortly afterwards as the Allies managed to transmit the documents.

New Stopwatch round. I'm still on the Axis side. This time, however, I chose to be an Engineer. Now, what an Engineer does is plant timed dynamite and defuse enemy dynamite. Fun stuff, that.
Anyway, I was too late to stop the Allies from blowing both entrances to the fortress so I decided to run down into the Command Room to set up a bomb for anyone who might waltz in. While down there, I spotted Medikiller just sitting by his lonesome down. Specifically, all I saw was a head and a helmet. So, being jumpy at the time, I wrecklessly opened fire. After a couple bullets, I hit the "Oops!" key(though I meant to hit the "Sorry!" key) and stopped firing.
Now, Medikiller was a Medic at the time. Most people would expect that a Medic who came under friendly fire would just shrug it off and heal themselves, right? Yeah...no such luck. Medikiller retaliated by returning fire after a couple of seconds. Not just enough to equalize the damage I'd done, no... He flat-out KILLED me. I shrugged a bit and thought to myself, "Alright, I deserved that. He'll probably revive me."(Medics can revive people with Syringes and heal people with Medical Kits.) Again...no such luck. He walked right past me and, I assume, headed upstairs. So, on Team Chat, I tell him, "I said it was an accident! Besides, you're a MEDIC. You can HEAL YOURSELF!" No responce whatsoever. Jackass...
Trying not to let it phase me, I continued normally playing the game. Again, I headed down to the basement. Now, down there, there's an air duct in a side room near the War Documents. The side room has only one exit or entrance, so I figured that this would be a great place to set up a bit of defense in the form of a wad of Timed Dynamite!(Let's face it. Nothin' clears the room as well as Timed Dynamite!) So, as I plunked down a thing of Dynamite, I see this on the Team Chat, accompanied by a German voice: "Disarm the dynamite!" I'm not sure who said it, as there were two people down there by this time, but I'll assume it was Medikiller. I responded back "Negative." and went about my business. Apparently, Medikiller was trying to prove something, though. After I armed the dynamite, he sat right down on it. Crouch animation and all. Wouldn't move from that spot at all. As such, I wedged myself out from behind him(being in the side room) and headed back upstairs.

...I was just a LITTLE surprised to see "Medikiller was TEAM KILLED by Dr. Lithius" on the message window. I didn't say anything, though.
The second time I saw it after planting dynamite in the same place didn't really phase me as much. I still refused to say word one.
The third time? I was starting to get ticked. I was planting my dynamite not in the Command Room at this point, but the ducts above. He was going OUT OF HIS WAY to make sure I blew him up! At this point, I decided if that's what he really wanted to do, then fine. I'll keep blowing his ass up.

Well...somewhere around the seventh time, Medikiller started opening fire again, apparently hoping to kill me. AFTER I planted my dynamite. He killed me once or twice, but he never strayed too far from my dynamite, always revelling in being caught in the blast.

Eventually...I'd say around the fifteenth time...the server's automated Administration system kicked me for "having too low of a negative score". Was that Medikiller's plan the whole time? Was he SO pissed at me for shooting -- not KILLING, but SHOOTING him a couple of times, that he'd go out of his way to see me removed from the server? I guess he wins. As for me...I'm gonna go back to Enemy Territory once I get it fixed. Maybe play some single player Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Never have beaten it yet...